Health Factory opens its first café in Dubai Diabetic Center

Health Factory opens its first café in Dubai Diabetic Center


Health Factory, one of the leading wellness companies in Dubai, forays into the health café business by announcing the opening of its first “Health Factory Café” in Dubai Diabetic Center. The new café ensures that the visitors and patients of Dubai Diabetic Center are offered healthy food prepared by trained nutritionists of Health Factory that will help them to eat at regular intervals thus keeping a check on blood sugar and insulin levels.

Joe Tabet, Chairman Pragma Group, the parent company of Health Factory said, “Diabetes and obesity are major healthcare issues in Dubai. We believe initiatives such as ours are steps in the right direction. We are contributing to improving the wider picture and providing more opportunities to introduce healthier eating and wellbeing in the emirate.”


The new café has been opened with in partnership with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) which has reviewed the food and beverages prepared by Health Factory and deemed them to be as healthy, nutritious and a balanced diet for diabetic patients. Diabetes is the number one health threat in UAE, therefore to build awareness, DHA runs Beat Diabetes Campaign every year as well.

“Aligned with the vision and mission of DHA, Health Factory will continue to play a leading role in developing healthy communities and spreading awareness about this disease through various initiatives such as the launch of our new café,” further added Joe.


All the food items available in the new café have been hand-picked and specially designed by the nutritional experts at Health Factory. The food items are ready to serve and calorie counted along with the carbohydrate content mentioned on the packaging, making it a healthy and nutritious choice for all the diabetic patients and visitors. 


Health Factory has different health meal programs for men, women, and children, designed to suit their individual needs like diabetes, weight loss for new mothers, and pregnant ladies.