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Tarek Ghalayini : Catching You On Cam!

Interview conducted by Marie-Christine Tayah, Editor-in-Chief 

When did you get started?

Early 2008, it started as a hobby when I bought my first professional camera and used it at my cousin’s wedding. The groom and bride were really shocked when they saw the nice pictures that would make them remember their special day forever. Later on, I decided to develop my hobby and my passion for photography, in a way to help people capture a moment that lasts forever and is impossible to reproduce.


How did you decide to make your world revolve around photography?

My friends and family who believed in my talent gave me a great push to trust myself more. Then I decided to take it to a professional level and to be more into the details of the photography world. so I joined a professional photography course in an internationally reputed institute that helped me discover this huge world that will never end for me.


What does photography mean to you?

The majority of people may feel that it is a simple way of recording events of their lives and their loved ones. However, to me, it is a wide world that never ends and brings challenges everyday in each photo I capture. Photography is not something I produce; it’s something that produces a change both in myself and my clients.


What type of photography did you first focus on? 

At the beginning my focus was on portrait photography, which is still my favorite type since eyes can always speak out of the image.


When did you shift to taking event pictures? 

It started with social media which helped me get more exposure and I started receiving requests to join corporate and personal events. As we know, our world is full of events which require each and every photographer to add this type of photography to his portfolio.


What inspires you the most when it comes to taking photos? 

Each object in front of my lens inspires me. Still, eyes inspire me the most because they are God’s best creation.


What are your future plans? 

Nothing is impossible for me. Thus, having a big studio and spreading the word with my pictures is one of my future plans.


Do you have any messages to Lifestyle readers? 

Don’t let any small hobby grow in you without development. A tiny baby can grow to be a big old man so keep working on your dream and make it true.