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Healthy food shoppers in Dubai received their first Healthy Kitchen in Carrefour, Mall of the Emirates!

On Thursday, 15th of December ’16, Carrefour shoppers in Dubai witnessed the grand opening of the astonishing and revolutionary project called Healthy Kitchen. The project is a complete revamp of the Organic and Healthy section inside Carrefour, Mall of the Emirates.


Carrefour’s Healthy Kitchen is indented to provide enhanced shopping experience to customers that want to pursue a healthy and balanced lifestyle, raise customer awareness of the importance of eating healthy and educate the shoppers how to search and select healthier food alternatives.


All products found in the Healthy Kitchen are either Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Non GMO, Probiotic, BPA Free, Sugar free… or all of it. The project is powered by the “Healthier on a Whole New Scale” movement from Midway Middle East and Carrefour UAE.


Ms. Katarina Gjosheva Cheshlarov, Founder & Managing partner of Midway Middle East and Healthier on a Whole New Scale, cut the Healthy Kitchen’s ribbon stating: “We are very proud to provide to our customers a different shopping experience which will inspire, educate and empower them in pursuing healthy eating habits. Healthy lifestyle is a journey and a choice. Your day-to-day decisions influence your long term results. Trust me, you just have to take the first step, then it is easier than you have ever imagined”.


Everyone living in the UAE is invited to visit Carrefour’s Mall of the Emirates Healthy Kitchen and begin their healthier and endlessly delicious journey.