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Just in time for the highly anticipated design fair, Design Days, Nadine Kanso, a key pillar in the regional art & design scene, announces the debut of her spectacular exhibition titled “The Tentations”. Unveiling a unique exhibition curated by esteemed product designer Samer Al Ameen, taking place at Dubai Design District, guests will be taken on a sequential journey through the last decade of Kanso’s brainchild, Bil Arabi.


The multi-talented style icon, art aficionado and visionary is one of the pioneers in the local and regional design scene, Nadine Kanso is truly a force to be reckoned with. Showcasing some of Kanso’s most significant achievements over the years, this exciting milestone in the Bil Arabi journey will bring together a number of Nadine’s most groundbreaking photographic work and introduce a new dimension of design. Being the catalyst of the entire exhibition, this new dimension will debut a sculpture unlike no other, one that is a true culmination of her past collections, commemorating the art of calligraphy and cementing her impact on the creative community within the region.


About Nadine Kanso
Nadine Kanso was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1968. She spent her entire childhood there and later gained two degrees from the Lebanese American University. Nadine majored in Communication Arts and Advertising Design; these degrees laid the foundation for her work in design and photography today. She has worked in various design-related fields and had several stints in journalism. In 2006, Nadine was invited to exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London as part of a group exhibition entitled “Arabize Me”. Later that year, she adapted the exhibit for a solo show at B21 Gallery in Dubai, with a collection that included a series of portraits depicting Arabs from across the region with an eclectic mix of artistic, creative and cultural milieus entitled, ‘Who I Am’ or ‘Meen Ana’ in Arabic.


In 2006, Kanso started a line of jewellery Bil Arabi to embody her ideas about her culture and identity, what better than to express her thoughts literally but in Arabic.


Since then Nadine has worked with international brands on art and design projects such as LV, Gucci, Kiehl’s and Cruciani. Her work in both photography and jewellery has been auctioned at Christies, Bonhams and Philips De Purry.