This Eid, spoil your loved ones with the Constellation Collection by Payal New York

Payal New York, presents her Constellation Collection, an exquisite and meaningful selection timed perfectly to offer the ideal gift for the celebration of Eid! Inspired by her love for stargazing, Payal Mehta, creator of Payal New York has created a timeless cuff for each month, that beautifully captures the constellation of stars.


Every cuff is embedded with a beautiful birthstone, of each respective sign. Using rare and stunning stones like Sapphires, Emeralds and Diamonds attributed with mystical properties, Payal’s collection articulates her jewelry story by taking us all the way back to the early civilization of 3000 BC in India and Babylon.


Eid is all about togetherness and the perfect occasion to present dear ones with an inimitable and unique gift that has such an endearing value to it. These charming pieces have a story to tell for each of the birth signs making it distinctive to the individuals.


Each piece is carefully crafted by hand using a combination of gold and silver, making it more difficult to make as you can’t cast two metals together, only one at a time. The use of oxidized silver creates the greyish color that accentuates the diamonds within the pieces, making them glisten more and represent stars in the night sky.


Only some craftsmen around the world have the skill to carry out such working techniques, resulting in unique, one of a kind pieces.


Payal New York’s atelier can only be accessed with an appointment, and customers can choose from themed collections or request for a bespoke piece that captures their own spirit in a one-of-a kind design.