In 2008 Salsa made history in the world of denim with the Push Up Wonder. Since then, Salsa has strived to meet all the market needs by creating innovative products. DIVA by SALSA is the culmination of the brand’s investment in innovation. This new jeans have arrived, ready to revolutionize the market. DIVA by SALSA jeans have been designed so as to produce a slimming corset effect, improve body posture and alignment due to its internal panel made with Emana® fiber to help smooth the skin and reduce the imperfections.


DIVA by SALSA Jeans are the combination of three effects in just one pair of jeans: a slimming corset effect through a high-waisted belt that softly pushes in tummy and hips – the vertical stitching along with the heart-shaped rounded pocket creates the perfect feminine sculpting effect; the improvement of body alignment and posture, with an adjustable waist obtained with a back elastic and zipper to ensure comfort and the perfect fit; a waistline reduction effect resulting from a state of the art technology internal panel, developed with a special texture, associated with Emana®, that absorbs body heat and sends it back to the body to stimulate blood flow, to help smooth the skin and reduce the imperfections with prolonged use.


DIVA by SALSA Jeans are available in 3 different washes, in sizes 25-40 with slim leg.


Look, Walk, Be like a DIVA!