Paris Arty Chic 2016 Spring Colour Twist

Arty Chic


Colour with a French accent…


Bourjois rewrites the history of Colour inspired by the latest Parisian trends.


With elegance, a vibrant blue enhances the nude tones.


Bourjois color expert
Paris arty chic, the new colour story by bourjois


The trend explained
At Bourjois, each new colour combination writes a new story… Paris Arty Chic takes its inspiration from the sixties, the Art Déco movement, the cutting-edge codes of certain designers and the eclectic trend seen on the catwalks, so dear to the most stylish Parisians.


A bold and trendy combination
Nude shades are intensified and reinterpreted from dusk to dawn … The blue accent gives a new dimension to the season’s colours. There is something bold about this new story, a promise of absolute chic.


Quad Eyeshadow palettes
The new Beauty-to-wear twist
Every season, Smoky Stories eyeshadow palettes reinvent the smoky eye. At the heart of this “beauty accessory”, a harmony of 3 pre-coordinated shades and a “Light touch” concentrated with faceted glitter to create buildable make-up to suit your whims and the time of day. Its powder texture and its integrated brush allows intense application that stays on for 12 hours.


New E-blue-issant n°11
The magnetic combination of denim and metal grey twisted by a hypnotic deep Blue accent.
New Sau-mondaine n°12
Nude shades ranging from pink to deep taupe for a naturally chic look.


Spring colors – A multi-faceted elegant touch
Capucine Fashion journalist


The incredibly classy, reinvented chic bow tie: the Parisian it-accessory
It has always been the ultimate accessory in an elegant women’s wardrobe. Worn close to the heart, the mischievous bow tie was the rallying symbol of dandies before making a major comeback in the 2000s. Conducive to legendary stylistic spins, played down, it is currently making a new breakthrough on the catwalks and in women’s wardrobes.
For the Bourjois Arty Chic 2016 Look it becomes the symbol of a new Parisian twist, a hypnotic blue accent that enhances a high trend nude look.
Hybrid by nature, this bow tie echoes the make-up of the modern Parisian woman: multi-faceted and inventive, in short an artist. For the Bourjois woman, make-up is definitely an interlacing game, which always delivers a pretty result.


1 seconde, The Nail enamel
Beautiful nails, at your command
1 nail = 1 stroke = 1 second! *
A manicure has never been easier! Smart almost magical, Bourjois 1 Seconde nail enamel is applied in one stroke with its panoramic brush that perfectly fits the shape of the nail. A precise and flawless result, with incredible shine, available in 4 new shades inspired by the most beautiful wardrobes.


*Usage test conducted on 33 people
New Blue de Nîmes – n°53
Denim – that iconic wardrobe item – is now at hand…
New A-Greigée – n°55
Between beige and grey, the key colour for classic – or not so classic – girls!
New Jamais saumon vernis – n° 52
Half pink, half apricot, 100% classy, for an ideal everyday manicure.
New Blue–tiful – n°54
Enamel like a deep blue wave that engulfs the nail.


Rouge Edition Velvet
Lipstick with a velvet finish
Bourjois reinvents the lipstick experience! The ultra-smooth texture of Rouge Edition Velvet glides over the lips to turn into a velvety and melting, incredibly light matte….
Vitamin-enhanced and highly-pigmented lips for 24 hours.


New Honey Mood – n°16
An apricot colour for a soft and silky adornment on the lips
New Cool Brown – n°17
A nude that reveals and enhances the natural lip colour.


Blush Little Round Pot
“Rose Ambre” Blush
Open the iconic and timeless blusher and let it reveal the irresistible aroma of the rose scented powder, the ideal touch for this season! This Rose Ambre Blush Little Round Pot will give your cheeks the perfect finish to complete your Parisian Spring look.


Rose Ambre – n°74




Eyes Smoky Stories
➢ Apply the Blue accent shade on the eyelid, blending it towards the hollow of the eyelid and the outer corner of the eye.
➢ Then apply the light grey shade in the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone to add highlight.
➢ Intensify the roots of the upper and lower lashes by applying the dark Blue denim shade as liner using the flat tip of the applicator and move up the outer corner of the eye by drawing a V to emphasise the hollow of the eyelid with the foam applicator tip.
➢ Finish with the light touch in the inner corner of the eye, by dabbing with your fingers.


Manicure TIPS
With 1 Seconde nail enamel N°53 Blue de Nîme, N°52 Jamais saumon vernis and N°54 Blue-tiful
➢ After having applied the So Perfect Correcting base , apply the “Blue de Nîmes” shade of 1 Seconde nail enamel all over the nail and let it dry.
➢ Once the enamel is completely dry, apply 2 strips of adhesive tape on the nail:
➢ The first strip is positioned from the base of the nail up to 2/3 of the nail
➢ The second is positioned from the tip of the nail, leaving a small space between the 2 (the desired width of the band)
➢ Apply the “Jamais saumon vernis” nail enamel on the band not covered by the tape and let it dry.
➢ Once dry, gently apply the “Blue-tiful” shade on the remaining edge of the nail, starting from the Jamais saumon vernis band
➢ Apply a thin layer of Top coat to provide maximum brightness and for a long-lasting manicure.
➢ Finally, apply a drop of Instant Dry on each nail to speed up drying.


The model is wearing Smoky stories N°11, Rouge Edition Velvet N°16, 1 Seconde Nail Enamel N°52, 53, 54


Paris Arty Chic, Spring Look prices (UAE- KSA):
Smoky Stories palette- 3.2gr: AED81 – SAR77
New shades


1 seconde Nail enamel- 9ml : AED41 – SAR39
New shades
N°52 Jamais saumon vernis
N°53 Blue de Nîme
N°54 Blue-tiful
N°55 A-Greigée


Rouge Edition Velvet – 7.7ml: AED79 – SAR79
New shades
n°16 Honey Mood, n°17 Cool Brown


Blush Little Round Pot Rose Ambre: AED63 – SAR58


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