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Jason Derulo

“A lot of the album is fun, a lot of it is upbeat, feel-good music, but there is an emotional portion to the album too; it morphs in a lot of different ways. It represents everything I’ve got, everything I was feeling in the moment. I love going into the studio and just letting it rip.” – Jason Derulo


Who is he?


You may have heard of Jason Joel Desrouleaux, or Jason Derulo, after his smash hit “Talk Dirty” blasted international charts in 2013. Yet the twenty-four year old R’n’B star made his name in the music industry way before his solo career took off. Derulo has been a prolific writer ever since he wrote his first love song at the young age of eight. The singer/songwriter/dancer began writing songs for major artists such as Lil Wayne, Cassie, and Sean Kingston at the staggering age of sixteen. In 2009, he released his debut self-titled album along with two singles, “Whatcha Say” and “In My Head,” that both landed spots on the Billboard Hot 100.


Soaring Success


After the release of his second studio album, Future History, Derulo suffered from a fatal neck injury while rehearsing for the album’s tour. The album was released in 2010 but the singer had to take a year-long break before he could enter the spotlight again. Sure enough, Derulo came back with two chart-topping singles, “The Other Side” and “Talk Dirty,” which sold over 5 million singles, reached over 150 million views on YouTube, and became his most successful track to date. His third LP, Tattoos (2013), features R’n’B stars such as Pitbull, The Game, and girlfriend Jordin Sparks.


Close up on ‘Talk Dirty’


After the successful release of “Talk Dirty,” Derulo decided to head back to the studio to work on new material for his upcoming third full-length album of the same name. Talk Dirty includes seven newly recorded tracks along with the four tracks from the Tattoos LP and was released in April in the U.S. He recently released the album’s fourth single, “Wiggle,” which features renowned rapper, Snoop Dogg. When asked about the fresh hit, Derulo says, “It’s the most excited I’ve been about a song I wrote in my entire career.”


Derulo collaborated with producers Timbaland and The Cataracs, among others, and artists such as Tyga and Kid Ink to create this multifaceted record. He says, “When I was making this album, I wanted to go in and experiment and do something that was just totally different and off the wall.”