Valentine’s Day Love is in the air with Piaget Rose

A declaration of love, a token of heartfelt affection or the expression of the most intense passion, the rose seductively unfurls her radiant petals to take centre stage on Valentine’s Day. Creative muse of the maison, the Yves Piaget rose reveals her many different sides through the audacious jewellery creations and timepieces of the Piaget Rose collection. Whether feminine, sophisticated, luscious, playful or delicate, every resplendent flower cultivated in Piaget’s rose garden tells a unique story, a gift that makes the heart beat a little faster. With intensity and radiance, the ravishing rose becomes the ultimate symbol of unconditional love, while enhancing the beauty in every woman.


The lighter and ephemeral nature of the rose is expressed in a lacework rose pendant, playfully wrapping itself around a woman’s neck (G33U0800). The delicate cut out flower in rose gold set with brilliant diamonds enhances the natural beauty of the skin beneath. Revealing her softer romantic side, a smaller rose bud pendant opens up gracefully to reveal a brilliant diamond among its glistening petals (G33U0400). Both pendants can be gifted alone or paired with a dentelle rose bracelet, a modern yet delicate interpretation of the Piaget rose in lacework set with a single brilliant-cut diamond, in a simple and tender statement of love (G36U4100).


Graceful and mysterious, the rose plays an affectionate game of hide and seek with the moon in the Piaget garden, interpreted through the timeless beauty of the finest pearls. Seductively wrapped around the finger, an iridescent pearl is set opposite the rose casting its light on the blooming flower with its scintillating diamond petals to create a majestic ring (G34UU100). The brilliance of diamonds and the purity of the pearl play off each other as a pair of earrings to capture all the romance of the moonlight. The rose with its central sparkling stone elegantly decorates the earlobe, while a white pearl hangs from the radiant flower like the glowing reflection of a full moon (G38U0067). The playful nature of the Yves Piaget rose is expressed in an asymmetric necklace with a line of diamonds and pearls designed to be worn different ways: close to the neck the diamond rose enhances the curves of the neck or as a long sautoir, the rose flows gently along the body (G37U9400).


Inspired by the splendour of the rose in its natural plant environment, the voluptuous flower becomes a generous jewel that slides on a chain in white or pink gold, like a climbing rose nestling itself around the neck or floating freely on the delicate clivage, glistening with diamonds and stirring emotions (G33U0200 and G33U0093). In white or grey gold, the ever-changing rose in all her natural beauty passionately entwines the finger, blossoming with 71 brilliant-cut diamonds (G34UR800) and evoking the intense emotion that unites two lovers. To complete the set, the Limelight Blooming Rose watch in white gold expresses the constantly changing nature of the queen of the floral kingdom, as four gem-set petals with their sensuous curves open up when the uppercase is swivelled around to reveal four new diamond-paved petals. Through a mysterious invisible mechanism devised by Piaget, the diamonds shimmer in concert giving the full flower its absolute radiance (G0A39183).


Like a luscious bouquet freshly assembled for Valentine’s Day, three mesmerizing roses in full bloom come together around the finger in an explosion of white gold and diamond petals (G34UT900). Forming a feminine necklace, two roses of different sizes set side-by-side reign majestically, expressing their precious nature through the diamonds that glisten elegantly on their petals (G37U9500). In a feat of gem-setting virtuosity, the Piaget Rose secret watch set with 668 diamonds, opens up to reveal the dial beneath. In white gold with a contrasting black strap or yellow gold with a white satin strap (G0A37180 et G0A40280), this precious jewelled watch evokes the intensity of an impassioned declaration of love.


Displaying her more tender side, the Piaget rose comes to life through the meticulous application of enamel on the silvery dial of the Piaget Altiplano Rose email flinqué watch (G0A40248). A labour of love, the most subtle details and masterful technique give birth to an enchanting flower, defined by vibrant petals in shades of pink that exude radiance and grace.


For him : A special timepiece to adorn his wrist on Valentine’s Day


Alluring and elegant, a Piaget watch from the Altiplano collection becomes a timeless and unforgettable gift for him on Valentine’s Day. Conveying the absolute purity and simplicity of love, the Piaget Altiplano watch in white gold with a clean silver dial and 430P hand-wound mechanical movement is a watchmaking classic (G0A29112), while with its pared-down and slender aesthetic, the Piaget Altiplano Chronograph hosts a major horological complication inside a refined pink gold case (G0A40030). Taking ultra-thin horology to new heights, the Piaget Altiplano 38 mm 900P is a mechanical watch that invisibly merges a hand-wound calibre with the elements of a case skillfully designed as a single entity, thus achieving record slenderness at just 3.65 mm thin (G0A39111).A timepiece to take a love one’s breath away, in a double record of extreme slimness, the classic Piaget Altiplano Date boasts the world’s thinnest automatic movement at just 3 mm thick, housed in a record-breaking rose gold 6.36 mm case (G0A38131).


Love is in the air as the rose, source of endless creative inspiration, continues to bloom with abundant charm and elegance. With the promise of never wilting, the ephemeral beauty of the Yves Piaget rose is immortalized in every creation, like the eternal nature of true love.