Valmont introduces its new line, Expert of Light, to the UAE

Today, women of all ages want the perfect complexion: a pure and clear complexion, a delicate and transparent complexion, a porcelain complexion, a fresh complexion that beams with youth, but above all an even complexion. In this quest for the perfect complexion, the key word is uniformity. While the search for a pure complexion is nothing new in cosmetics, today this quest is becoming a global phenomenon. This year, Valmont is answering this call in the purest tradition of prestige cosmetics and offering the world its new line: EXPERT OF LIGHT.


With EXPERT OF LIGHT, Valmont is offering a comprehensive line of six products (cleansing gel, lotion, serum, SPF 50 day cream, rich cream and mask) to illuminate the skin and enhance the uniformity of the complexion. A hybrid line that falls between the whitening products found in Asia and the “radiance” ranges distributed in Europe, this new Valmont creation is truly universal, offering a sumptuous blend of technical prowess and sensory pleasure.


EXPERT OF LIGHT combines the best of the expertise Valmont has gained over the years in helping the skin maintain a healthy glow. After C in 1998, SNOW in 1999, RADIANCE in 2003, and WHITE & BLANC in 2006, EXPERT OF LIGHT is even more complete and effective than all of its predecessors combined. It is based on a comprehensive approach to treating the skin thanks to new ingredients with exceptional virtues.


To introduce the UAE to this new breakthrough in skincare, Valmont hosted an elegant breakfast in Dubai’s Zabeel Ladies Club Blue Lounge for a select group of influencers from the region. Guests were able to discover the exquisite brand’s new line through a presentation by Valmont’s International Spa and Press consultant, Agnès Teffaud, in which they were given the option to test the products. Afterwards, each of them received a voucher for a 30-minute demonstration massage in order to fully immerse themselves within the world of Valmont.