Makeup Artist Fady Kataya

New Techniques for Spring/Summer 2014


Makeup artist Fady Kataya launched three new techniques for 2014 brides, insisting on giving three options of make-up styles to decide which is the most appropriate for each bride on her wedding day, under the slogan “A Bridal Decision”.


The aim is to help confused brides choose the appropriate makeup for their weddings, knowing that most brides nowadays are convinced that light makeup doesn’t fit them, thinking that only strong make up enhances their beauty, or vice versa. However, in Fady Kataya’s opinion, any kind of makeup fits every girl, but the most important thing is to choose the right make-up which shows their beauty, whether light or strong is to be decided after seeing the make-up on the face of the bride. Thus, today he is giving brides the chance to decide their own makeup styles for their wedding days by trying the three new techniques.


The first look is the natural makeup, which gives the bride a natural look and it is suitable for weddings held during the day or outdoors weddings.


The second look is the classic makeup. Inspired from the sixties, it is a classic look in which most brides see themselves on their wedding day.


The third look is the trendy make-up, which is the strong makeup with red lips. This kind of makeup best suits an edgy hairstyle, as if a bride laid off her hair herself and doesn’t want to look classic on her big day, but also doesn’t want to look pale either. Thus she chose to look “funky”; not classic nor traditional like the first look, but a modern fashionable bride.


Makeup Artist Fadi Kataya believes that there is no limit for makeup and the makeup artist can be proficient in all types of makeup. Yet the most challenging thing is to be proficient in guiding brides to make the right decision in choosing the right makeup that suits them and enhances their beauty on their big day.