How to whiten your teeth naturally!


Spare yourself a couple of hundred dollars on teeth whitening sessions and follow these natural tips and remedies that might give you similar or better results:


1 – Strawberries


Malic acid in strawberries gets rid of tooth discolorations, so simply rub the inside of a strawberry across your teeth for a few minutes, and follow by brushing your teeth.



You can also mash a strawberry and add half a teaspoon of baking soda. Apply the mixture for only 5 minutes, and rinse or brush your teeth afterwards.



Make sure to do this only once a while, since malic acid and baking soda removes the yellow, top coat of your tooth.



2 – Apple cider vinegar


Vinegar can not only remove yellow coffee and nicotine tooth stains, but it can also clean your gums. Simply brush your teeth with some apple cider vinegar on your toothbrush, but make sure to rinse your teeth very well afterwards and brush them with regular toothpaste, since vinegar is an acid, which can damage tooth enamel if not washed away properly.



3 – Coconut oil


Similarly to vinegar, apply some coconut oil on your toothbrush along with your toothpaste, and brush your teeth like you normally would. Brush your teeth afterwards again with regular toothpaste or rinse your teeth very well afterwards. According to draxe.com, “coconut oil has antimicrobial properties so it’s great for your gums as well.”



4 – Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide


Mix 2 teaspoons of each product and apply it on your toothbrush. Make sure the mixture is more runny from the hydrogen peroxide, since “baking soda is a gritty substance like sandpaper so [you should] be careful that you have enough hydrogen peroxide mixed in with the soda because if you don’t it can very well scrub the enamel right off your teeth and enamel does not grow back,” according to the same source.



Gently brush your teeth with it and keep the mixture on for 2 – 3 minutes only. Wash off the mixture very well afterwards or brush your teeth thoroughly.



Additional teeth whitening tips:


  • Avoid drinking coffee since it stains the teeth.


  • Avoid smoking.


  • Avoid fizzy drinks.


  • Drink juices and other drinks through a straw since these drinks might yellow your teeth.


  • Brush your teeth thoroughly every day in the morning and before sleep, and half an hour after a meal or drink, since brushing them any earlier might damage your teeth.



These methods are not only cheap alternatives to expensive whitening sessions, but they are also natural and fast.



Go try them out for yourself and notice the difference!



By: Luma Kudsiova