Guide to Choose the Right Travel Bag (American Tourister)

As wonderful as it is, traveling can become a stressful experience if not properly planned. A sure way to decrease the stress whilst traveling is to ensure one is using the best travel luggage suited to the needs of the travel. Among the biggest challenges that most travelers face is how to fit everything into their suitcase and how to keep it organized while on the trip.


Whether planning for a quick overnight trip or an extended getaway, there are clothes, toiletries, laptops, phones, digital cameras, and charging cables, plus itineraries, jackets, guide books and so much more — and it all needs to fit into one bag!!! So, how do you manage to fit everything in your bag and keep it somewhat contained?


Of course, there can never be one perfect bag for everyone, as needs are different for different people. Backpackers will want straps or pouches for sleeping bags, tents, hiking poles, while business travelers might be delighted by a bag with an easily accessible computer compartment and fashionistas might appreciate straps that hold clothes in place and reduce wrinkling!!


Whatever the need be, choose the best travel bag to make your travel all the more comfortable… some do’s and don’ts elucidated below:


  • Bright colors are the Norm: Be it a tropical blue, a hot pink or a cool lime, bright colors are a big trend in luggage these days. Colors help make your luggage an extension of your fashion and lifestyle. What’s more, it sure makes it easier to spot your vibrant bag at a busy conveyor belt full of dull ‘blacks’ and ‘browns’.


  • Hard v/s Soft Luggage: This is an age-old dilemma among travelers. ‘To each his own’ is the only answer to this. If you’re looking for strength and durability, then hard luggage would be the best choice. Here again, the material of hard luggage can make a difference. Most of the modern bags in the market are made of Polycarbonate, which is a more pliable and lightweight material. Polypropylene is the more robust & tough material, preferred by seasoned travelers the world over. However, bags made of this material tended to look more boxy and old-fashioned as well as heavy. That has changed now with American Tourister’s Vivolite which uses a unique PressPro™ material to create the strongest and lightest range of fashionable bags. Polypropylene is also making a comeback with the super-elegant Bon Air which has a unique design along with the advantage of super lightweight.


Soft luggage gives more perceived volume, and is generally lighter on the wallet as well. The biggest draw towards soft luggage, however, is the convenience of a single packing compartment as against 50:50 packing in hard luggage.


That’s also changing with hard luggage products like CubePop, which offers 20:80 packing space, making packing a lot more hassle-free.


  • A bag that suits your needs: Knowing exactly what your travel needs are would help in choosing the perfect luggage piece. Designer luggage is more a fashion symbol than a travel tool and is not the choice of most experienced travelers.


  • Worth its weight: While different airlines and travel have different size requirements, don’t get caught out. Considering the weight of the luggage is a no brainer: the lighter the case the more you can pack/souvenirs you can bring home! Products like App-Lite and Smart are as light as 2.4 kg for the carry-on, and also have enhanced volume, giving you the optimum solution for your packing woes.


  • Expandability is a must-have: This feature tends to be overlooked by most buyers, but it can be a blessing in disguise during those mega packing sessions. Having an expander in the bag gives you that last stretch of extra volume to stuff your bag to the brim, without having to jump on it or struggle to close the main zipper. All American Tourister Soft check-in bags come with expander feature to save you this trouble.


  • Choose True International Warranty for Peace of Mind:  Nobody wants to be stuck with a broken suitcase during their international trip. In most cases, travelers end up dragging a damaged bag throughout the trip with a damaged bag because they would not come with an international warranty that actually delivers customer service globally. Do stick to a globally renowned brand; this will ensure you get service across the world due to their global presence in the market. American Tourister provides a world-wide warranty which is valid at over 90 countries. The contact details of our worldwide service centers are listed on our website.


  • Lock it in & Save the Code: Opt for a bag with built-in 3-dial combination lock. It will save you the trouble of losing and finding your pad lock every time you travel. Learn how to set the lock from the store staff itself, or you can ask them to set it to your desired code. Do save the combination code in your phone/notebook, lest you forget it. If you’re travelling to the US, make sure your bag is secured with a TSA Approved lock. All American Tourister Check-in bags come with built-in combination lock, such as the Bon Air collection.


  • Organized = Stress-free: Interior organizers make packing more fun and sorted. A shoe bag to prevent your clothes from getting soiled, a wet pouch to keep your used swimwear, or even a divider pad to separate used clothes from fresh ones. Throw in a toiletry bag and a garment suite, and you’ll never be embarrassed to open your bag in public. If you buy the idea of organization, then you should consider buying Tropical – a vibrant range of soft luggage with loads of inner pockets and a wet pouch.


While different trips will have different demands on the luggage, the one thing common is that one needs to plan. Hence, the right travel bag is one of the pre-requisites for a memorable travel to suit varied needs with mix-and-match options.