Armand Basi In Red

Conceived as an eau de toilette intense, the new fragrance ARMAND BASI IN RED BLOOMING BOUQUET is a floral explosion, as can be seen from its characteristic almond branch, which is now in exuberant bloom.


The range of colours, always in white and red, takes on new shades. In contrast with the bright, decisive white, a new strawberry red symbolises the passion awakened by the fragrance and warms the now intense blooms on the iconic IN RED almond branch.


The branch represents nature, closely linked to the feminine spirit and to the brand. It also celebrates life, its intensity and its nuances, which appears as radiant, spirited and magical.

Its delicate quality represents femininity, but the elegance and fullness of its flowers also suggest strength and tenderness.


This new edition carries the name Blooming bouquet – a name that evokes wonderful floral compositions. The graceful almond branch has unleashed all its activity to produce a bountiful harvest with passion; it emerges as a flaming wand, passionately alight, blooming intensely.


Just like there are many different ways to interpret a piece of music, with this new edition of the fragrance, the IN RED woman reveals new facets of her character.


A very feminine woman, full of vitality like nature itself. Full of passion. Dynamic and enthusiastic. Natural and exuberant.



Intensely IN RED. Intensely ARMAND BASI.






A new design puts the iconic branch from the IN RED fragrances at center stage.



The bottle


The characteristic, nearly flat, rectangular clear glass bottle now reveals a branch full of flowers sleeping inside it. Against delicate gray lines, which evoke the woody branches of the almond tree, the flower buds, tinted a daring red colour, play in the air. In this evolution, the bottle has changed, revealing its own floral richness – lively, natural, exquisite.


Inside the transparent cap which closes the rectangular bottle, the valve, in metallic red, emphasises the dynamism and vitality of this new creation.


At the bottom front, a red stripe stands out against the transparent liquid, showing the brand logo. Below, written on the glass, IN RED points to the handwritten name of this new version: Blooming bouquet. Handwritten because it is unique. Because it is different. Because it is genuine.



The packaging


With the same rectangular shape in matte white, the packaging recreates the same blossoming branch, which winds around the corners from the front, disappearing as it reaches the back.


The drawing, in red and gray on matte white, emerges behind a shiny strip, where an intense red provides contrast for the white letters of the Armand Basi name. As on the bottle, underneath IN RED appears and the handwritten name of this new version of the fragrance.


On the white tab which closes the packaging, the letters ARMAND BASI, now in red, invite you to discover what’s inside.


This updated design retains the essence and spirit of the first version, while accelerating its dynamism and reinforcing its vitality.





ARMAND BASI IN RED BLOOMING BOUQUET is a new interpretation of the classic IN RED scent. Created by Alberto Morillas, one of the greatest contemporary master perfumers, the new version belongs to the floral/woody family. It is a floral fragrance, transparent and with woody base notes.


BLOOMING BOUQUET builds on the unmistakable IN RED fragrance, maintaining its main characteristics, its essence, and adding new aspects, new accords which make it unique all over again. A genuine floral explosion full of vitality, passion and enthusiasm.


It is Blooming in its top notes, which include sparkling and citrus notes of mandarin, spicy and warm notes of ginger, along with the intensity of violet leaves; in contrast to the freshness of a watery accord.


Bouquet because it reveals rich and exquisite middle notes that combine different floral aspects, such as jasmine, lily of the valley, and rose, accentuated by a new facet: gardenia.


In its bottom notes, the fragrance delivers an exquisite composition, enhanced by warm cedar and sandalwood, with the exotic comfort of musk.


A classic with new accords. A new melody using the same familiar notes from IN RED. A more intense version, in the form of an eau de toilette intense, which accentuates the fragrance’s floral explosion.


More lively, more passionate, more enthusiastic.