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Narrated by Sigourney Weaver


Produced by Portfolio Productions, ALL  YOU  NEED IS LOVE  is  a  documentary focusing  on  the  lives  and  dreams  of  the  children  of  Good Morning  School in the  district  of  Mae  Sot,  Thailand.  Mae Sot is a town on the Thai-Burma border, where hundreds of thousands of Burmese nationals have chosen to live as a result of the repressive actions taken by Burma’s military junta. They fled from Burma and escaped  to  Mae  Sot  and  other  towns  along  the  border  with  the  hope  that  they will be able to sustain their families and become free from fear.


However, the vast majority of Burmese living on the border exist as migrants; some are refugees, trafficked people without nationality, rights, or any solid future.  The Burmese children in Mae Sot have to face this harsh reality every day.  The  documentary  highlights  not  just their  plight,  but  mainly centres on the  positive  way  that  these children  go  about  their  lives  in conditions and under circumstances we dare not even imagine. The beauty and simplicity of their day-to-day lives, serve as an inspiration.

According to Director, Stuart Cameron, “All You Need is Love’ creates an awareness of the Children of Mae Sot through simple, beautiful and inspiring stories and although reality on film is increasingly difficult to capture, we have tried to capture their struggles and thoughts in this documentary.”


The Hollywood film ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, by Portfolio Productions, is set to come to Dubai for a very special awareness screening on 15th June 2015. This has been made possible by octOpus and Marz Global, in cooperation with Jumeirah Creekside Hotel and Executive Women.

In line with the corporate social responsibility program of octopus – as an ideas business; passionately believing that ideas can change and shape the world. The decision to make this film was an inspired idea in itself and by hosting this screening event it translates the core of what the company stands for.


This exclusive screening aims to raise awareness, to provide the necessary support for the children’s schooling needs and to build schools, like that of Good Morning School.


octOpus has been actively involved with the cause, even before its initial production. The agency took part in ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE’s marketing and promotions to assisting with the film’s trailer and creation of the different websites – from the movie’s microsite to establishing the US and UK based charities – and to building its social media presence. The company has previously sent a team to Mae Sot, for a Christmas celebration to deliver gifts to children. The upcoming screening is an expression of octOpus’ ongoing support for the children and the larger migrant community.

octOpus’ Creative Director and Executive Producer to the film, Stu Higton said, “The ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE project and the children of Good Morning school in Mae Sot have a very special place in our hearts. We’ve been part of the film’s production from its earliest stages and we’ve taken an active role with the school’s establishment. This endeavour is truly an effort to drive awareness of the living conditions of these children around the area, in the hope to provide support for their needs. Hopefully, by bringing the film to Dubai, it will begin to reach a broader audience in the region.”


Managing Director of Marz Global, Essa Al Marzooqi stated, “We are delighted to support the awareness of the documentary ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, so that the message on the plight of these innocent children reaches a larger audience in the Middle East. We hope our CSR outreach, encourages more organisations to get involved in children’s causes.”

ALL   YOU   NEED   IS   LOVE   is   Directed   by   Stuart   Cameron, Produced   by   Stuart Cameron and Meddy Ezrah Ortega, Executive Produced by Suzy Amis Cameron, Patrick Dunn, and Stu Higton of octOpus.


For further information, please contact Shereen on +971 50 769 0087 or shereen@octopusme.com