This Ramadan season, add sweetness to your Iftar with Edo’s Mochi Cream

Edo café, the Japanese inspired delicatessen café, unveils its Edo Mochi Cream desserts this Ramadan season. Explore rich, cool flavors like Raspberry, Mango and White Chocolate that are made for a wonderful gastronomic journey at the end of a hot day of fasting.


Mochi, a one-of-a-kind Japanese inspired sweet, are traditional Asian sticky rice cakes that have evolved under the Edo café name to an exclusive range of frozen Mochi Cream made of a soft cream-filled dough and an ice cream center making them a well-balanced dessert that is visually appealing to make great taste and flavor.


Showcasing their special Mochi cream boxes, Edo café provides personal and special gift boxes for all your loved ones this Ramadan season. With convenient and aesthetic packing, Edo makes sending fresh Mochi Cream that can travel far and wide for over 4 hours without the Mochi melting at all!