The Tropical Touch

Tropical style fills homes with the sensation of the islands. To have a tropical look for your interior, begin with furniture that can suit both indoor and outdoor surroundings, and look for ordinary materials such as rattan, jute, wicker, and bamboo. Boost coastal touches that can run toward marine or surfer elegant, Bali exotic or Palm Beach. Tropical style is all about cosiness and comfort. Additionally, it embraces the heartfelt warmth that goes hand in hand with island decor. Big-leaf plants add a tropical feel to landscaping and interiors. Where living tropical plants aren’t practical, you can bring in the feeling of the tropics through textiles and equipment printed with island styles, tropical floras and supplies.


Close up on Zara Home


Zara Home brings out the exoticism of the Amazon jungle. Crafts from Bali, Turkey’s cultural mix and major artistic trends inspire Zara Home’s collections this summer.


Tropical leaves, parrots and pineapples over immaculate white backgrounds decorate the fabrics of the Amazonia collection. This season, lush jungles with infinite shades of green are combined with the vibrant colours of exotic fruits and the plumage of tropical birds. The inspiration is also reflected in decorative objects and tableware, where animal and floral shapes come to life to create a fresh, summery feel. Raffia, glass beads and wicker details give the collection a more rustic touch.


As a contrast to the extravagant, tropical trend, the Aquarelle Garden designs feature the romanticism of the impressionists, their gardens and pastel hues. Watercolour flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds form the base of a collection highlighted for its use of silks, linen and cotton.


Zara Home Kids


This season, the Imagine Collection looks to the sky for inspiration in clouds, raindrops and a classic soft colour palette of white, pink and blue.


With the summer festivals style, kids find themselves in a luminous garden where they will discover flowers and creatures that come to life with the first rays of the sun to celebrate the true essence of summer. A fantastic tropical garden will fill their bedroom with joy with its colourful prints of flowers, birds and the classic tale of Peter Pan and the pirates.


Finally, the Western story collection features illustrations of cowboys and Indians: the collection’s most adventurous graphics. To win over your little cowgirls, the designs are dotted with small wild flowers with a lilac-toned vintage feel.