This season I was searching for a truly iconic 70s beauty. Both Caroline and Eniko have that look that’s so indicative of the 70s era; the unkempt hair, fresh natural radiance, soft freckles and sun-blushed skin that reminds me so much of the women of that period” – Clare Waight Keller, Chloé Creative Director


Along the sandy shores of Paradise Cove, California, Chloé girls embrace the scorching summer sun by horse-riding on the beach. The two sun-kissed beauties are captured in a real moment of carefree friendship, creating long lasting feel-good memories.


A light sea breeze tousles their flaxen curls and the flurried drape of silk crèpe, mousseline, and lace – each precious fabric telling its own story. Like Chloé icons brought to life, two majestic horses stride alongside as peaceful companions, their finery reflected in the elegant hardware of the Faye satchel and Drew bag swung gracefully across one shoulder