New Year’s Eve, with a twist of Lima por favor 1.jpg


As the highly anticipated Coya launches in Dubai, diners prepare their taste buds to be tantilised for the New Year


Delicious. Inviting. Peruvian. Coya. A trace of Incan heritage and South American lifestyle makes its way to the Middle East on the 16th of December with the opening of the highly anticipated Coya Dubai on Jumeirah Beach Road. The award-winning brand journeys from London to Dubai, bringing an exceptional, multi-dimensional dining experience that is in every way unique. With a touch of cultural and artistic flair, Coya Dubai makes the perfect destination to close the chapter of 2014 and start the New Year.

Succinctly described as elegant, sophisticated and fun, Coya Dubai is a truly idyllic location for any occasion. The restaurant welcomes a diverse clientele to feast on a variety of palate teasing dishes as they are transported to the essence of Peru, while the destination bar offers guests a truly genuine experience with an authentic, buzzing ambiance with a vast range of home-made pisco infusions. The lifestyle of South America is not only reflected in the cuisine, but also in the vibrant music, artistic displays and beautiful décor that is distinctively Coya Dubai.

Every night at this extraordinary venue promises to be a truly memorable experience, and New Year’s Eve will be no different. Guests can look forward to enjoying an evening filled with sensational sounds and authentic flavours. Surrounded by zesty Incan colours, diners have the opportunity to appreciate the bespoke furniture complemented by the antique South American artwork- handpicked for this soon to open trendy hotspot.

On the 31st of December, guests bid farewell to 2014 as they enjoy the enviable view of Burj Khalifa haloed by a spectacular display of fireworks, while a DJ sets a celebratory mood for the outlet’s first New Year in Dubai. Diners will welcome 2015 with the taste of pisco on their lips as they commemorate the first of many memorable occasions to come.