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By Arthur Murray


The romantic Bolero is the slowest of the Latin dances. It combines controlled movement with dramatic expression of music.



The Bolero has the same Afro-Cuban roots as the Rumba as is thought to have originated from Cuban or Spanish folk dances such as Danzon and Beguine.



The Bolero is usually played in 4/4 time and its tempo is slower than that of the Rumba. It’s long sweeping side steps and use of rise and fall create a softness that makes this dance unique among the Rhythm dances. The expanding and contracting dance position makes a very dramatic and romantic statement.


Teaching Elements:

  • Rise & Fall                      Learn grace and poise through balance
  • Lead & Follow               Develop arm and hand connections
  • Timing                             Learn the control necessary for slow music
  • Arm Styling                    Create contrasting speed of arms and hands
  • Footwork                        Develop the use of knees and ankles to create soft movement
  • Compare/Contrast       Waltz, Rumba, Tango


Bolero songs and artists include:

Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan – Gloria Estefan

Perfidia – Nat King Cole

Sin Excusas Ni Rodes – Julio Iglesias

From Here to Eternity – Frank Sinatra