Francesco Smalto



The luxury French menswear brand, Francesco Smalto, hosted a private press event showcasing the brand’s F/W 14-15 collection and bespoke tailoring service at Meydan Beach Club in the presence of the brand’s team who flew in from Paris exclusively for this event.


Around 20 selected members of the press, bloggers and fashion influencers enjoyed discovering Francesco Smalto’s key FW 14-15 collection pieces, bespoke looks and tailor-made elements displayed in a very chic and refined set-up.


Stylish, elegant and timeless, Francesco Smalto’s FW 14-15 collection also stands out by its impeccable sharpened allure suits, coats and jackets using the finest and most high-end quality leather, fur and fabrics.


A perfect drape, heritage of the Bespoke Tailoring ateliers: suits jackets are entirely canvassed with natural horsehair, using the traditional sartorial construction. Urban colors – blue oil, slate, anthracite – are warming up burgundy colors, bricks and chocolates. The evening looks are draped in navy blue, new color of the night, where the satin highlights the “Smalto” neck or the new shawl collar. Accessories are like punctuation marks. Studied down to the smallest details, gloves, briefcases and shoes reflect the tailoring know-how of the House.