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New research reveals 84% of people in the UAE are facing issues with sensitive teeth leading to changed eating habits and decreased happiness levels

Sensodyne launches True White – its new whitening toothpaste for people with sensitive teeth


New independent research commissioned by Sensodyne has revealed that 84% of adults in the UAE are currently facing issues with sensitive teeth, with 40% of them claiming it is making them unhappy and 61% saying it is directly impacting their eating habits.


The research, conducted by YouGov, also shows that 82% of adults in the UAE are worried at some level about how their teeth look, with men surprisingly being just as concerned as women are. It has unveiled the UAE is a guilt-ridden Emirate, with three in five adults feeling guilty about the condition and look of their teeth, resulting in 30% of them not wanting to visit the dentist.


The way you feel about your teeth can have a huge impact on your daily life; for example nearly one third of people claim to not show their teeth or smile on photographs. New consumer habits also revealed that nearly one quarter of people avoid conversations with friends and family about teeth as it makes them feel uncomfortable and that 42% of adults gain their oral care habits from their parents, 26% from their families and 15% from their dentist.


“In the UAE alone, 52 percent of adults with sensitive teeth are actively seeking to have whiter teeth. Surprisingly, our research showed us that one in four adults buy two types of toothpaste – one for sensitive teeth and one for whitening. Therefore GSK specially formulated True White for people who seek sensitivity relief and whiter teeth at the same time. We want to provide a one-stop solution to healthy teeth.” said Wael Kaskas, Marketing Director for GSK Consumer Healthcare, Middle East.


Dental expert, Dr Aziz Lammam said: “The research has highlighted that 56 percent adults in the UAE are concerned about how abrasive whitening toothpaste can be on their teeth. As a dentist, I am delighted to see a new product available to help address the concerns and needs of consumers. Sensodyne True White is an ultra-low abrasion toothpaste that relieves sensitivity and helps whiten your teeth.”


It is recommended that Sensodyne True White is used twice a day everyday. It is now available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies across the UAE.