David Blaine Lights up His Logo with Ingested Kerosene.jpg

David Blaine’s Second Jaw Dropping Performance at the Emirates Palace Sells Out

World Renowned Illusionist Mesmerizes the UAE Audience

Last show takes place on Saturday, August 23rd


After years of street performances, dazing celebrities in TV specials and conducting time intensive endurance stunts, David Blaine, world renowned illusionist, performed his first ever live show as part of his international tour in Abu Dhabi.


Walking into thunderous applause saying “Asalam Alekum Abu Dhabi”, David lit his spade-like logo ablaze and extinguished the fire with water stored in his body mimicking one of his mentors – the infamous Hadji Ali.


He dazed, amazed and confused the audience with card tricks – interacting with them directly – the squeamish turned their heads away as an ice pick was pushed through his hand.


Blaine cheated death by submerging himself in a water tank. He emerged from his self-imposed, watery-quarantine 10 minutes and 1 second later to bid farewell to a packed Emirates Palace auditorium. Less than an hour later, Blaine in his amicable, down-to-earth style was seen meeting and greeting select fans and posing for photos.


David Blaine’s Real or Illusion show is part of the Abu Dhabi Summer Season and is presented by Emirates Palace, hosted by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority and organized by FLASH Entertainment. David Blaine’s show runs until August 23rd at the Emirates Palace Auditorium.