Compagnia finzi pasca presents LA VERITÀ

Written and Directed by Danielle Finzi Pasca


Starting from August 20th 2014



From the Creators of “Corteo” from Cirque Du Soleil, and the Torino and Sochi Olympic Closing Ceremonies and the Sochi Paralympic Opening Ceremony Group behind the closing ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics, the renowned Compagnia Finzi Pasca, comes with a Dramatic, Artistic and Entertaining Tale of a performing arts phonomenal revolving around the concept of “The Truth” embodied in the tale of Tristan and Isolde’s  astonishing painting by the amazing Salvador Dalí.


La Verità is one of the headline shows of Abu Dhabi Summer Season. The show is being presented in August by Alchemy Project, in association with Abu Dhabi Culture & Tourism Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi), in the UAE capital.


TCA Abu Dhabi has spearheaded the emirate’s most dynamic, fun and show-packed summer season to date. The new look Abu Dhabi Summer Season – featuring headline, blockbuster international theatre, ballet, comedy and illusionist shows, film premieres, World Cup extravaganzas and a host of locally-produced activities in hotels, malls and attractions – will run from June 5-August 31.

In a new strategic approach, the authority has teamed up with the UAE’s private sector to deliver a program jam packed with fun, headline shows and action, including concerts and performances by international artists from throughout the Middle East, Russia and the USA, comedy nights, theatre spectaculars and film premieres.


La Verità is an acrobatic and theatrical show written and directed by Danielle Finzi Pasca where 13 artists gather around a scrim painted by Salvador Dali.


Mac.s.Far, CEO and Chairman of Alchemy Project said:” This is certainly one of the most impressive shows I have ever personally witnessed with a very unique angle towards art, humour, passion and the beauty of the performing arts. This show, in proportion, is on a level of the Corteo show of Cirque Du Soleil and in aspects is stronger in depth. It  will certainly impress audiences and I hope everyone in Abu Dhabi will enjoy this spectacular show by the amazing Finzi Pasca ”


The shows will start on August 21st at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).


“This outstanding contemporary circus performance will be a stunning finale to Abu Dhabi Summer Season,” said Sultan Al Dhaheri, Acting Executive Director Tourism, TCA Abu Dhabi. “We anticipate it will have widespread appeal across all ages and nationalities and that it will play to enthusiastic packed houses of Abu Dhabi residents and visitors.”


About La Verita

A scrim contained inside a wooden box is discovered and left in a theatre. A rare and unique piece, it is a scrim painted by Salvador Dalí in New York during the 1940’s for Tristan and Isolde, a ballet he had imagined.

Paris, early December 2010: There is much enthusiasm after the launch of the production Rain. These are days filled with ideas that march through the mind. Julie Hamelin was convinced that we must put ourselves to work. She would like to produce a new creation and she is certain that this must follow in the steps of Sky Trilogy and Donka. She hopes that a show or acrobatic performance will take flight. She read me a note that she had kept in one of her notebooks: “The truth is all that we have dreamt, all that we have experienced, all that we have created – all that forms a part of our memory.”


Montreal, Christmas 2010: We are preparing dinner when I receive a call from a European art collection that gives us the possibility to use a scrim painted by Salvador Dalí in New York during the 1940s.


Brussels, early January 2011, start of Corteo in Europe: As ever, when ideas wane they begin to take form. With Julie, in a taxi. We are convinced that the acrobatic performance and the scrim painted by Dalí must form a single, unique project.

After the immersion in the universe of Anton Chekhov, it is time to discover the universe of a new artist. Also, there is Tristan and Isolde, New York in the 40s, and the interior voyage of one who must leave Europe to seek refuge in the United States. There are themes that open into other themes, ideas in the mind that jostle and form themselves into images. An unfurling of yellow flowers, blindfolded characters, veiled, like the statues of Giuseppe Sammartino found in the Sansevero Chapel in Naples. Hands with very long fingers, shadows that deform proportions, red blood, the colour white, vivid blue, ladders suspended in empty space, impossible balances, dismantled corpses, feathers and sequins – as if the story takes place in a decadent Vaudeville – with a research director with ideas to improve and build upon the concept.

Lugano, January 2011: We came together to figure out how to begin this adventure. Julie suggested merging Inlevitas and Teatro Sunil into a single company, Company Finzi Pasca. La Verità could become the first production of this new structure.


Show Schedule


A limited number of Premium and Front Row tickets are also available for all performances.


This event is brought to you by Alchemy Project, Event Management Agency.