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New 3D Glasses-Free Screens

Close up on the new 3D Glasses-Free Screens  


  • ClinicTV  is an attractive and effective new era in media industry. It will present education, entertainment and information materials with 2D and 3D animations for the first time in the world, without a need for glasses to watch it. This will create a joyful environment for visitors and patients while they are in waiting areas. Also, ClinicTV is a new technology from Germany and supported by the best doctors of Germany.


  • This innovative method designed will be as your personal TV for the waiting areas of your venue and it can be used in hospitals, clinic and health care centers as a infotainment system to display a wide spectrums. 


  • ClinicTV will be display on 3D glasses-free screens. It will also provide a designed content associated with your services and information or can be an entertainment, upcoming events, health tips, health news, special occasions, office hours, weather forecast, helpful reminders etc.


This product is designed to increase business revenues by the minimum of 25%.


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