Cape Town, South Africa


Close Up On Cape Town


Cape Town is the archetypal melting pot: it is a city alive with imagination, inspiration, color, sounds and tastes. While wandering through the city’s streets and meeting its people, you will fall in love with its beauty, creative freedom, and incredible spirit. Cape Town is a city where the unexpected is always just around the corner and the beautiful province of the Western Cape lies ready to be explored across the city border.


When to Visit


It’s always a good time to visit Cape Town. The city has always been rewarded for its natural beauty. The city is currently witnessing sculpture-lined green spaces, sustainable developments, and further renewal of previous industrial regions. The main goal of the design crew, though, is to tie the breach between Cape Town’s dissimilar population, so venture on a tour out of town to see how innovation is turning things around in the underprivileged towns, then explore peripheral wonders on the swanky bus system that’s making Cape Town practicable on public transport.



What’s More?


Located in a biodiversity hotspot as well as the unique Cape Floristic Region, the city of Cape Town is enriched with numerous levels of biodiversity of any equivalent area in the world. These protected areas are a World Heritage Site, and approximately 2,200 species of plants are confined to Table Mountain. Many of these species can be found nowhere else in the world. It is home to a total of 19 various vegetation types, of which many are completely prevalent to the city. It is also the only home of hundreds of endemic species, and hundreds of others which are harshly constrained. This enormous species are born thanks to the city’s unique location at the meeting point of numerous diverse soil types and micro-climates.