Who is he?

Multi-talented performer, wedding planner and choreographer Koussei Kurbaj is causing a buzz across the blogs from Dubai to Canada, thanks to his enormous PR skills and captivating charm. 25-yearold Koussei Kurbaj, coming from Syrian origins who was born and raised in Dubai and moved to Ottawa in 2008 with his family, packed his bags and left to Dubai a little more than 4 months ago to represent Ottawa and Canada in the six week long search for Mr. Dubai 2013/14.


How did it all start?

Kurbaj was on a trip to Dubai visiting a friend when he submitted an application. Out of the hundreds of men that applied, he was one of the 20 selected. “It’s not about the money,” said Kurbaj. “It’s about the agencies that are going to sponsor me. There are lots of projects that might show up, such as modeling for an agency or a clothing brand.” He added that making his name known will help his business endeavors as he strives to brand himself, before branding a business in the future. The Search for Mr. Dubai 2013/14 was an intense competition divided into three main events — the Fashion Show (November 29), the Talent Show (December 06), and the Grand Finals (December 13). In those big nights, Kurbaj took home not one but four major awards including Mr. Photogenic, Best in Formal Wear, Mr. Popularity on Facebook, and of course the most coveted title, Mr. Dubai 2013/14. It’s precisely his almost perfect looks — hooded eyes, strong brow and perfectly-shaped nose — and his brooding quality, makes him a stand out. He has this amazing presence, this thoughtfulness that makes you want to look at not only once but even more than twice, and then make you listen when he starts to open up and share his views on life, love and anything under the sun. Kurbaj holds a degree in Business Administration from Algonquin College as well as a degree in Entrepreneurship Speciality Management and Business Development from Davenport University in Michigan. He formed a joint venture with Indian steel manufacturers and is launching another online business. Projects are already lined up for Kurbaj after winning the title. He already shot a music video with actress-singer Wiam Dahmani and the producer Anas Saif.


What’s more?

Other projects include fashion photo shoots, hosting and guest appearances on corporate events, charity works and more. He is also working on a new drama Series that will be shot in Jordan and he is scheduled to be working on a project with the producer Anas Saif, that will put him as the face of one of the Dubai government tv channels for the whole Ramadan Season. Kurbaj is also venturing into perfume business and launching his own personal line of scents for both men and women by early 2014. The brand targets the budget-conscious aficionados who still want to smell good and feel good. For Kurbaj, winning or not winning Mr. Dubai 2013/14 won’t stop him from attaining his goals. “I’m still the same person, only more confident, more focused and more grateful for all the good things coming my way.” – PR/Eventnightly.com The most asked question till now without any answer is; why did not Koussei Kurbaj involve himself in the Syrian Drama yet, since he is Syrian and if he will take that step, when will we expect to see him on the screens.