“A la Chandelle”

By Chantal Souaid Mchantaf

*A la chandelle is a French phrase meaning candle light; it usually refers to a candle light romantic dinner.


Are you thinking of organizing a romantic dinner for two?! How about you make it “A la Chandelle” way?! To organize a romantic dinner, you need to worry about three main things; the food on the menu, the table decoration, and the ambiance.


Food on the Menu


1. Pick a menu style: I suggest you settle for a four course menu starting with an appetizer, salad, main course, and ending with dessert. Your menu style can be French, Italian, Mediterranean etc. French or Italian food would go perfectly with your romantic dinner.


2. Specify your dishes: start by deciding on your main course then other accompaniments. Some suggestions that would work with a candle light dinner are “Steak au Poivre” (pepper steak), Salmon tart, Seafood pasta, or other platters. Your salad can be a Rocca or Caesar salad. As for appetizers, you can do some canapé. Last but not least, when it comes to dessert, don’t worry a lot about that! Just buy two readymade pastries from a pastry shop on your way home, sprinkle some sugar powder and here’s your thing!


3. Match your drinks: for alcoholic drinks you can serve red wine with meat and chicken, and rose or white wine with fish. As for non-alcoholic drinks, you can serve sodas or sparkling water.


Table Decoration


1. Pick a theme for your table: the theme can be a color or an occasion. This theme will guide you through setting your whole table.


2. Place a nice table cloth: after choosing a theme, the color or style of your table cloth will become easy.

3. Set your plates, cups and cutleries: use your best and newest and set them in a nice way.


4. Add a twist with your napkins: your napkins should match your theme. They can be paper napkins or napkins made of cloth. Place them in a nice way and allow them to make a statement.


5. Choose your candles wisely: The candles are the most important aspect of your “A la chandelle” dinner. They are salt to your pepper and sugar to your sweet. Make sure to have long candlesticks; you can put two separate, or a nice big one in the middle of the table.


6. Freshen it up with some flowers: flowers are the extra spice to your table. If you have a nearby garden, cut a couple of flowers with some greenery; or if you don’t have a garden, buy some on your way home. Flowers will smell and look nice. Just be careful not to put them in a long vase that will block your sight.


The Ambiance 


1. Add some scents: you can use Indian incense or scented oil burners for your smell. Make sure you have a smooth smell that wouldn’t distract your dinner.


2. Play it to the beat: play some calm music in the background; you don’t want the music to be too loud. Some lounge music would be nice since it has a kind of twist.


3. Dim your lights: let your candles be the main source of lights, and dim other lights. They will ensure an exquisite ambiance.


4. Bonne soirée!