A Personal Touch

Contemporary and personalized home accessories change everything!


When colors get a bit dull, furniture a bit déjà-vu, and home a bit monotonous, accessories are the ultimate solution. Not only do they bring back the spirit of freshness in your inner cocoon, but they also bring out the creative genius in every place. Decorating your home with just simple items, will help you create a personalized environment, just for you. Thus, when you invite your guests to your place, you share with them the art of ‘feeling home.’


Pan Emirates, the regional brand in home furniture, accessories, and decor retail recently introduced its new collection. The contemporary collection consists of a personal touch which helps create a customised as well as a personalised environment.


The new introduction consists of various parts which helps decorate the house in a thematic manner as well as creates a well set ambience for a classic feel. With renowned quality and years of experience, Pan Emirates has been steadily embracing new strategies in their relentless endeavour to be the best in the industry. Pan Emirates has a total of seven showrooms in the UAE and three in Dubai.


Take a glance at these home accessories. It will definitely give you some new ideas on how to decorate your home for this season.