Rima by Joe Kodeih

By Marie-Christine Tayah


She is mysterious and enigmatic with her Mona Lisa smile and her mermaid’s enchanting voice.
She drags her audience to the stage, drowns with her spectators, and comes back to the surface blooming from her deepest ashes. She shines like a blessing or a curse, braving exhaustion with her smile. She lives a daily woman’s life, a life of ups and downs, romance and regrets.
She lives.
She’s the muse.
She’s the inner woman.
She’s the one who carries on, within each and every person.
She is each woman’s memories, lonely dreams, crazy passion, and bad temper.
She is each man’s make-believe fantasy, deceiving reality, fading illusions, and cherished, yet unlived moments.
She smiles, laughs, cries, sings, dances and she swings, as our imagination flows and our hearts glow. She is embodied in Rosy Yazigi’s true emotions, warm voice, and moving presence, as Rosy gets back on stage after a long time.
She is created, fantasized, put down on paper, put into shape, and directed by joe… Rima.


*At Gemmayze Theater December 5, 8:30 p.m.