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Living in the now

by Darren Timms


It’s not easy in today’s fast moving, modern world to stop and smell the flowers, or to stop at all. Technology created to make our lives easier has been responsible for an increasing disconnect between up close and personal, and not personal at all… No longer is it necessary to pick the phone up for a chat, or pop around the neighbors for a cup of tea, not even a green one, when we can tweet, hash tag, face book, what’s app and ping each other until we have repetitive strain syndrome of the fingers whilst simultaneously scoffing a sandwich, slurping a skinny decaf capo to go and driving to or from somewhere in a hurry.


 Society has you thinking that we must achieve, we must be somebody in the community, make our parents proud, impress our friends with fancy sounding job titles, and even fancier trinkets and accessories and this must all be achieved by yesterday!… Slow down and breathe a little.


Our minds are constantly on overtime, never peaceful, obsessed with either events from the past, or anxious about things in the future which have yet to happen, actually projecting non definite events which have no truth attached to them whatsoever, yet we have as a species become obsessed with both past and future events and ironically enough not paying attention to the only time frame that you can control and affect, that’s right, this one ”The present”, This present moment is an undeniable truth, happening and unfolding by the second, and when we become aware of this, our lives begin to make much more sense. We begin to notice things, engage with our feelings, become familiar with our surroundings and those that are interacting with us, and suddenly life becomes a colorful three-dimensional world, not one racing by at a blur, experiencing the world like autonomous robots…


Being present and mindful is such a wonderful state of being, and it is not difficult to attain, and trust me, you can still do your work and handle your busy social lives, but performing these tasks whilst present guarantees you a far richer experience… Our minds have convinced us that being mindful is not to be encouraged, and will do all in its power to distract you from presence. Ignore the 1000 noisy monkeys screeching for your attention and begin to focus on your breathing. This is the easiest way into presence for breathing can only take place in the present moment… Feel your abdomen rise and fall with each breath and notice how you feel as you flood your body with conscious awareness. Notice all around you, the sights, the sounds, how you feel, using all 5 senses to become alive in the moment… Every time you realize that you have become unconscious and fallen under that spell of your chattering mind, is the moment you become present again. Repeat once again the mindful breathing and continue to do so to retain awareness…

Try it and see for yourself how this simple technique can literally change the way you look at life, both your own and that which surrounds you. All of a sudden you are going to start appreciating the magnificence of this planet you live on and I guarantee with conscious presence you can train the mind to serve you, and not the other way around…


In the world today, it’s all too easy to get distracted from what’s truly important. Wherever you go, and whatever you do, you see messages designed to get you to perform a specific action or to distract you from being present. Below I will highlight a handful of easy to remember tips on remaining anchored in the present moment and retaining mindful awareness.

1.  Notice your thoughts and the direction they go in. As you think you become.


2.  Write down the emotions which repetitively remove you from the present. For example. Anxiety, guilt, worry, lack of confidence, blaming others, fears and regrets, look at this list as they arise which will remind you that these are thoughts alone and you have the power to stop them and at the same time increase mindfulness.


3.  Acceptance is the way out of suffering. Allow things to be as they are, not as you would like them to be. One is an undeniable truth, the other swimming around in a sea of uncertainty. We believe our thoughts to be the authority on life, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our thoughts are just thoughts.


4. Using reminders… This is a great way of bringing yourself back to presence. Wear a wrist band of your favorite color, or something you buy and wear as a constant reminder to stay alert and aware in the now. Every time you look at it you are automatically conscious… Easy, yet so effective.


5. Slow down and enjoy the view…Don’t feel that you need to fill up all your time with doing. Take some time to simply be. When your mind wanders to thinking, gently bring it back to your breath.


6. Spend 3 minutes every day working up to 10mins or as long as you like daily, practicing meditation whilst focusing on your breathing… Meditation is now being used the world over with amazing results in the treatment of stress related illnesses. Just a small amount of time daily will promote a much happier and healthier you… It’s free and available to everyone of us…



It’s all too easy to forget that we are here to have a good time, yet it’s time which is the priceless commodity that cannot be purchased or repeated, so use it wisely. There is not a single person in the graveyard that wishes he or she had spent more time at the office working, but it’s full of those regretting that they did not spend more time with their loved ones or those that made them truly happy…



Until the next time, be happy, be present, just be.


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