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Fit Republik’s Free Boot Camps Aim to Kick-Out Mid-Summer Lethargy


Premium fitness centre offers free coached exercise sessions up until September


Dubai’s health conscious citizens looking for a mid-Summer vitality boost can make the most of a special offer from the creators of Fit Republik, a premium fitness and leisure centre soon-to-be open in Sports City. The organisation is doing its bit for the health of the nation by laying on free ‘Boot Camps’ for anyone wanting to improve their strength, stamina and overall levels of fitness, with camp classes taking place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday at the Sports City Indoor Soccer Dome.


Fit Republik say that the idea behind the Boot Camps is to help Dubai’s residents who find it difficult to become motivated, or who don’t know where to start, to achieve their personal fitness goals. The programme of activities is being run by two of Fit Republik’s senior personal trainers, Nick Malloy and Marian Stoican. Both highly experienced coaches boast impeccable fitness credentials. Malloy is a Guinness World Record holding weight lifter and in the UK’s top 100 fastest runners over 400 metres. Stoican is a former member of the Romanian Olympic Gymnastics Team and was the first ever Romanian European Junior Gymnastics Champion.


“Summer in the UAE is typically a period of low physical activity because of the high temperatures experienced at this time of year,” said Malloy. “Understandably, people can feel quite lethargic and becoming motivated to become fit or maintain fitness can be a challenge. We devised these Boot Camps to help Dubai’s residents reach their fitness potential in what is the most energy sapping time of year,” he added.


Open to anyone aged eight years and above, Fit Republik’s Boot Camps have been particularly designed to appeal to youngsters who are keen on keeping fit or who want guidance on how they can start off with a safe workout regime. The programme aims to teach Dubai’s next generation the benefits of sport and to instil exercise as being an important lifestyle choice from an early age. The Fit Republik coaches will be using the hour-long sessions to promote the concept that fitness can be fun by ensuring elements of team work and humour.


Each Boot Camp session starts out with warm up exercises before moving onto routines that incorporate fitness equipment, such as medicine balls, rings, nets and steppers. The focus of the programme is on plyometric and callisthenic exercises. Plyometric exercises are based around having muscles exert maximum force in as short of a time as possible to increase both speed and power, with Calisthenics using rhythmical movements that are intended to increase body strength and flexibility. The organisers say that combining these two forms gives a superior level of exercise, with the Astro Turf of the Sports City Indoor Soccer Dome offering the ideal medium for such workouts.


 “Our Boot Camp programme places an emphasis on cardio exercises that build participants anaerobic and aerobic fitness levels at a greater level than other styles of working out,” said Marian Stoican. “They also workout more muscles and groups than regular exercises, so you get much better results in the time available. All of the exercises in our Boot Camp programme take place on the artificial pitch of the Soccer Dome, a surface that provides great impact absorbency, so there is minimal risk of injury for those attending the sessions,” he added.


Fit Republik’s Boot Camps are taking place at the Dubai Sports City Soccer Dome three times a week up until mid-September. Timings are 11:30am for both children and adults and 6pm for adults only. The classes can accommodate up to 50 people and include health-related issues such as dietary advice and body composition analysis. Fit Republik’s health and fitness club is scheduled to open at Sports City in October this year.


To book your slot, please call 052 742 4555. 


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