For generations, Provencal shepherds have handed down from father to son the secrets of Cade wood, symbol of a tenacious character and strong values of tradition and generosity.


Eau de Cade is an intense, luminous fragrance that exudes sheer, steadfast masculinity. Cade is another name for juniper. From the wood of this shrub, L’OCCITANE extracts oil with aromatic notes supported by woody accords, which anchor the fragrance in authenticity. They evoke summer migrations across the wild mountains and the warm scents of the Mediterranean scrubland. This strong structure is heightened by crisp and spicy notes, in a captivating scent that tells of dry wood cracking beneath feet.


Family: Spicy, Woody

Head Notes: Bergamot, Petit grain

Heart Notes: Cedar, Pink Pepper

Base Notes: Cade, Cistus