Cannes is the city with a soul. The place where stars are reachable and where the legendary red carpet turns into a flying one.
On the world of dreams, each spectator is transported throughout their own bubble to another space and time, where thoughts are concretized and fiction transforms into action.
Cannes is the scene of cinema, the island of luxurious and precious moments.


Engraved instants and eternal memories, the city of all times carries in its womb handprints of numerous stars and cinema legends; on a walk of fame.
La Croisette invites each and every person to relax, enjoy Italian ice cream, golden sands or cinema de la plage at night. It is also the place where stars meet people and imagination takes life.
Le Festival de Cannes remains the ultimate oasis of culture and the live proof that huge accomplishments start with a thought… until they are ultimately remembered.
Whether they are rewarded by the finest Palme d’Or or the montée des marches on musical moving notes… in Cannes, once upon a time, they existed.