Languages in Oman – What Languages Are Spoken in the Sultanate of Oman? (1/2)

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Oman changed a lot in the last few decades. it became a cosmopolitan country, and the spoken languages in oman begun to expand as well.

Arabic is the official language, then English is the common language spoken by the expats, in addition to Portuguese, Hindi, Urdu, Baluchi and many more.

Official Language in Oman – Arabic

Arabic scripts

Omani take great pride in their language – Arabic which is the main spoken language of the people all around the country. it has many dialects which are different from one region to another. here you can find Dhofari Arabic, Shihhi Arabic, Bahrani Arabic.

these dialects are mixed up with Hindi and Swahili which adding new set of terminologies .

Native Languages in Oman

Langages in Oma

in Oman, you can find some native languages that are region- specific. they are inspired by the south arabian dialects. for example, in Dhofar, the native language is Shehri, and Mehri tribe uses Mehri which is an old middle eastern language that is spoken in kuwait as well. in addition, you can find other native languages such as Harsusi and Hobyot.

English – the language of immigrants

English language in Oman

After the Arabic, English is the most common spoken language in Oman. if you don’t speak Arabic, you’ll always find someone who speaks English. it is used as a mean of communication in many institutions.

Oman became a tourist destination, and for that, you’ll find signs and instructions in English which makes traveling within Oman much easier. on another hand, the government is encouraging locals to learn the language and to use it widely on national level.