Languages in Oman – What Languages Are Spoken in the Sultanate of Oman? (2/2)

Baluchi – The Second Commonly Spoken Language in Oman

Balochi language in oman

Immigration shaped the Omani culture. Oman hosted a huge group of ethnic Baloch migrants. this led to domination of Baluchi language which became the second spoken language in Oman. it is one of the oldest languages and it is an Indo-iranian language. it is used in Ethipia as well. it is written in the Urdu-Arabic scripture. Baluchi is known for its poetry as well.

Languages by Immigrants

Immigrant languages in Oman

Discovering oil in Oman attracted laborers from different regions to travel to the country and live there for decades. this shaped the Omani culture and affected its languages. the major populations which lived in Oman were Persians, Sindhis, Gujaratis, Portuguese and Somalis. This is how Oman became a cosmopolitan place and at the same time, , manages to stick to the native roots.

Indigenous Languages

language in Oman, arabic

Every region in Oman has its own indigenous languages. Some languages are only spoken by small native population such as the semetic language called Jibbali or shehri in Dhofar region. Omani tribes speaks this language that has no particular script or tradition of writing.

Similar to Jibbali, a language called Mehri is spoken in the western part of Oman by a local trib called Mehri. this language has been used in middle east way before the spread of Islam and Arabic. this language is at risk of extinction.

In addition to this mixture of languages, you can find an Iranian language that is spoken in northern Oman. it is called Kumzari. but this language is used by a small community that has less than 5,000 speakers. other indigenous languages are used across the country by small communities and they are at risk of extinction such as Harsusi, bathari and Hobyot.

English is widely used

Oman is a very rich culture and you’ll always be welcomed by its people. it is not a problem if you don’t speak arabic. English became widely used and understood due to booming of tourism industry. English is the language of business. official notices are in both language Arabic and English which make it easier to travel within the country.