The Best Family-Friendly Experiences in Oman

Oman © Luca Nebuloni|Flickr

Oman is one of the most interesting countries in the Arab Peninsula. Not only for its ancient culture and unique heritage, but also for the wide variety of attractions and breathtaking architecture and natural beauty. The best thing is that most of the activities in Oman are family friendly. Here we have listed the most exciting experiences that you can enjoy in Oman with your family.

Coastal experiences

Oman can be considered a peninsula because it is surrounded by two gulfs: the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, from the north and the north eastern sides, and by the Sea of Oman from the eastern and the southern sides. Given its long coastline that reaches 2,092 km (1300 miles), Oman has several charming beaches with plenty of different activities and experiences that all family members can enjoy.


Visit a beach and take a boat trip

To spend a day at one of Oman’s spectacular beaches means to enjoy the white and golden sands of Oman and the crystal turquoise waters. It’s a great way to relax and have fun for all the family. Most of Oman’s beaches offer cruises in small boats or dhows for around an hour, to enjoy the sea, the mountains and the surrounding beauty. Some of the best beaches in Oman are: Al Qurum and Al Bustan beaches in Muscat, Khasab beach in Musandam, Ras Al Had beach in Al Sharqiya region, and Al Mughsail beach in Dhofar.


Go snorkeling and diving

Oman’s marvelous beaches have not only shining sand and crystal waters, but also many natural gems and wonderful creatures hiding deep inside them. That’s why visitors must include snorkeling and diving on their activities list when they visit Oman. The best places to do these are: Al Qantab beach in Muscat, Khasab beach in Musandam and Salalah beach in Dhofar.


Watch the dolphins and green turtles

Did you know that Oman has a natural reserve for green turtles? Ras Al Had is not only a reserve for these endangered creatures, it witnesses the arrival of the green turtles every year to its beach to lay their eggs. Several tours are organized for visitors to see the turtles, and watch the babies hatching from their eggs and returning to the sea. There are also the beautiful dolphins by the beach of Musandam Governorate in northern Oman, which must be included in a visit to the country.


Rocky and sandy adventurous experiences

Oman is the perfect destination for adventure travelers. Through its magnificent mountains, wonderful wadis, high sand dunes and golden deserts, visitors can satisfy their sense of adventure and wanderlust.


Visit Omani mountains and wadis

Oman is the land of mountains; they are everywhere, just like the palm trees. The most famous mountains in Oman are Al Hajar Mountains which include Al Jebel Al Akhdar (The Green Mountain) and Jebel Shams (Mountain of Sun). Wadis, which mean valleys, are an amazing reflection of Oman’s natural beauty through their plantations and water paths. The most well known wadis in Oman are: Wadi Shah and Wadi Bani Khalid in Al Sharqiya region, Wadi Damm in Al Dhahirah region, Wadi Darbat in Dhofar, and Wadi Al Khoudh in Muscat. Visitors can go hiking, rock climbing and camping in the mountains and valleys. Nevertheless, be careful as it gets dangerous in the wadis during rainy seasons, they get filled up very quickly.


Enjoy Oman’s sands and golden deserts

Oman’s widespread deserts are famous for their golden sand dunes. Whether Al Wahiba Sands in eastern Oman, or Al Rub Al Khali (The Empty Quarter) Desert in southern Oman, visitors can enjoy sand-boarding, camping and fantastic stargazing. All of which are truly family friendly.


The hospitable Bedouin

Another amazing reason to visit Oman’s deserts is the local Bedouins who live there. They are very friendly and welcoming, and love to invite visitors to their tents for food, desserts, dates and Omani coffee (Kahwa). Even better, most desert residents have camels which they let visitors ride.


Walk through history and architecture

Oman has a unique history of successful frankincense trade, shipbuilding, and relationships with other nations around the world. Part of that great history is the distinguished Omani architecture that is reflected in its forts, castles, buildings, palaces, hotels and houses.


Visit Oman’s forts and castles

Oman tells its own history, adventures, culture and heritage through its forts and castles. They can be found literally on every corner of Oman. Nevertheless, each fort or castle tells its unique story about Omani bravery, struggle, and fight to protect their beloved country and to establish a better life. Some of the best forts in Oman are: Nizwa Fort and Jabreen Castle in Al Dakhliya Region, Al Jalali and Al Mirani castles in Muscat, Al Rustaq Fort and Al Hazm Castle in Al Rustaq Region, and Mirbat Fort and Sarah Castle in Dhofar Region.


Visit Omani traditional museums

Some of the most interesting must-visit museums in Oman are: The National Museum, Bait Al Zubair, Maritime Museum, Bait Al Baranda Museum, and the Natural History Museum.


Explore the culture

A visit to Oman can never be complete without a taste of its incredible culture, and the local souks in Oman’s cities are the perfect places to immerse yourself. Almost every city in Oman has its own local souk selling souvenirs, local products and food. Even if you don’t fancy buying anything, these souks are great places to take pictures, talk with the locals and get a real sense of Oman. Muttrah Souk in Muscat Governorate and Nizwa souk in Al Dakhliya Region are the most famous local souks in Oman.