The Best Places to Go Stargazing in Oman

Stars in Oman © Jermaine Janszen|Flickr

The more the visitors stay in Oman, the more they discover and the more they fall in love with everything in it. Another reason that enriches its splendid nature, is that Oman offers a large number of places where people can watch the stars. To enjoy the mind-blowing charm and beauty of these shining gems, here are the best places to go stargazing around the country.

Stargazing in Muscat

Being the capital of Oman and a big metropolitan city doesn’t stop Muscat from showing off its natural beauty. The city has lots of spots where visitors, whether local or international, can enjoy the charm of watching the stars. These areas can be in the middle of its crowded towns like Al Qurum, or near a beautiful beach. Another great reason for watching stars in Muscat, is that there is no pollution to cover the sky or to prevent the stars from shining.


Wadi Kabir is one of the unique places to go stargazing in Muscat. It is located in the town of Ruwi in northeastern Oman.


There are also several spots on Muscat’s wonderful beaches to go stargazing. Most famously is the Qantab Beach, which is located on the northeastern coast of Oman. Visitors won’t only enjoy the crystal waters of the Gulf of Oman and the splendid sands of the beach, but also the clear sky and the shining mind-blowing stars.


Another amazing beach for stargazing in the capital is Shatti Al Qurum (Al Qurum Beach). Just like Al Qantab Beach, it can be simply described as a stunning place where natural beauty covers it from all sides.

Stargazing in Al Dakhliya Region

It is true that Al Dakhliya is not a coastal region, but it has the best mountains in Oman. So, there will be no beaches for stargazing, but visitors can enjoy the stars from high above sea level at the top of Al Hajar Mountains. Furthermore, just like Muscat, different towns and cities of Al Dakhliya can provide uniquely great spots for stargazing, like the city of Nizwa. Whether deep in the cities, or on a top of a mountain, the cleanness and clear skies of Oman provide stunning views of the moon and the stars for all lovers of natural beauty.


The most famous mountain for stargazing is Jebel Shams (Mountain of Sun), which is the highest point of Al Hajar mountains and a great place for hiking, rock climbing and camping.


Another great mountain to see the stars in Al Dakhliya region is the Jebel Al Akhdar (The Green Mountain). With its green plantations, beautiful terraces and great hiking trails, it is a complete natural experience for adventurers, and a perfect spot for stargazing


Stargazing in Al Sharqiya Region

Al Sharqiya is the far eastern region of Oman. It combines the unique features of both Muscat and Al Dakhliya. In other words, it mixes both the beauty of the sandy lands, with the coastal lands. Al Sharqiya region has Al Wahiba Sands, which is one of the most famous deserts in Oman. The Wahiba desert, is known for its beautifully golden sands where visitors love to camp, go sand-boarding and stargazing. In addition, Al Sharqiya region has the city of Ras Al Hadd, which holds the famous natural green-turtle reserve of Ras Al Jinz, and one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Between the sands and the coast, Al Sharqiya is a must-go place for visitors looking for exceptional places to go stargazing in Oman.


Stargazing in Salalah

Salalah is the beautiful natural gem that is located in the Dhofar region in the southern part of Oman. Beside its wonderful natural sights, especially in the Khareef (monsoon) season, Salalah is one of the most spectacular places to go stargazing due to its splendid beaches and wonderful wadis and mountains.