Top 10 Free Things to Do in Mauritius

When you’re in Mauritius, staying at a luxurious hotel with breathtaking views of the oceans and beaches is a treat in itself. But, there’s still so much more to see and do on this gem of an island, and that too for free. So, save your money for that luxury hotel stay and shopping, and head to these places for some free fun in the sun.

Window shopping at Port Louis Bazaar


Stroll through this vibrant market to soak in the culture and ambience of Mauritius. From stalls piled high with exotic fruits and herbs, to well-stocked bakeries selling chicken tikka buns and French loaves to a delectable array of street food to tuck into, this market offers a treat for the five senses. And if you feel like spending a few cents, then sip some Alouda – milk shake made with tapioca and other fruits.

Walk through China Town

Located around the Royal Road in Port Louis, Chinatown is a place bustling with colour and crafts. Stroll through this place to look at the interesting display of toys, musical instruments, crockery, dried vegetables and spices. 

Hiking through the Black River Gorges National Park


If you’re a nature enthusiast, then grab your haversack and lace up those hiking boots to explore the many trails winding through the famous Black River Gorges National Park. With scenic views and an abundance of endangered flora and fauna, this truly is a wildlife lover’s haven.

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Ambling Around in Cap Malheureux

Spend a sunny morning strolling through this ambient fishing village located north of Grand Baie.  Cap Malheureux, also means ‘Cape Misfortune’ because of its tragic history of shipwrecks, but there isn’t anything sad about this beautiful village. Take your camera along to click some stunning shots of the Ile Plate, Ile Ronde and Coin de Mire islands that are visible for this village.

Soaking in the Mauritius Art Scene

This Island is an artist’s paradise with lots of scenic views to capture on paper and canvas. Not surprisingly, Mauritius is also teeming with art galleries to showcase to the work of local artists. Pop into the 3A, Seebaluck Art Gallery, and Galerie du Moulin Cassé to look at gorgeous paintings, and maybe come back inspired to paint.

Exploring Chamarel


Though not as well-known as some of the other places around Mauritius, Chamarel is a place full of surprises. As you drive to this little village, you pass by breathtaking gorges and waterfalls, making it a great place to stop for photographs. What’s also interesting about Chamarel, is its coloured earth. Like a rainbow on earth, the landscape here is mix of yellows, purples, reds and oranges. And while you’re admiring this unique place, don’t forget to befriend the giant tortoises that call Chamarel home.

Indulging in Spectator Sports

If you enjoy surfing and kite surfing, but from a distance, head to Le Morne to watch the daredevils pull off some interesting stunts as they surf the huge waves. Maybe, you’ll be inspired to give the sport a try or come back with some lovely photos.

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Photographing Ganga Talao


A very sacred place in Mauritius, the Ganga Talao, also known as Grand Bassin, is a beautiful lake nestled within a volcanic crater and 550 meters above sea level. A serene and scenic place, you can sit here meditating or wander around, taking beautiful photographs of the lake and the Shiva temple here.

Absorbing the Mauritian Culture

No trip is complete without soaking in the culture of the place you’re visiting. And Mauritius has a lot of this to offer to travellers willing to dip a toe in their vibrant melting pot of culture. From their diverse linguistic heritage – they speak Creole, French, Hindi and even Bhojpuri here, to their beautiful architecture – visit the mosques, temples, Chinese pagodas and churches, Mauritius is a culture aficionado’s haven. Take part in their many festivals, listen to their exotic folklore and if you like to shake a leg, take part in their Sega dance.

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Watching a Glorious Sunset at Trou aux Biches


While Mauritius is all about golden beaches, the Trou aux Biches is the beach to visit. Hop over here as the sun gets ready to dip into the ocean to see the sky is all its technicolour glory.