Cape Town welcomes new eco-store

Another Cape Town suburb is joining the fight against the plastic plague and promoting a sustainable lifestyle thanks to the new eco-store that has opened in the area.

Residents in the near Milnerton, Parklands and Blouberg can now do their shopping without the extra plastic waste by visiting The Green Tap, a new eco-friendly option that caters to the conscious shoppers every need.

Based at Sunningdale Lifestyle Centre, in the Milnerton rural area, this convenient grocer offers visitors zero-waste packaging options where shoppers can enjoy eco-friendly products on tap, bring their own containers and pay according to weight.

All products sold at The Green Tap are 100% natural and also pose new alternatives to some products you haven’t thought of reusing before such as cotton rounds or sponges.

Just a few years ago Cape Town had no eco-friendly stores but recently the trend has picked up along with the adaption of a more conscious lifestyle and even eating pattern.