The Art Of Doing Nothing

It’s very easy for us to waste our time doing so many things that we don’t even accomplish one thing perfectly right.

No matter how good we are at multitasking, we might need to consider a new outdoor activity based on the art of doing nothing.

What about relaxing and enjoying the nothingness?

First, we need to convince ourselves that doing nothing is an art form and has to be scheduled on our agenda as a ‘me time’ appointment.

When we master the art of doing nothing, we can melt away the daily stress, improve our lives, switch our state of mind to something new and productive, and be what we really are.

Start small
Begin in your own bedroom, find your little corner, and later on, try to move to the perfect place to be in the middle of nature.

Shut off all distractions and concentrate on your breathing.

Forget about gadgets and tech!
Keep your phones switched off or silent, turn off the radio, close your eyes, and… do nothing.

Try to do this each and every day, or as much as possible, since you will not be able to become a master without practice.

Breathing is the first key element to master the art of doing nothing. Start first by breathing slowly in, and then slowly out. Moreover, you need to monitor your breath as it enters, stays, and then leaves your body. Focus on your breathing and nothing else.

An important part of doing nothing is relaxing.
You can:
-Take a warm bath.
-Have a massage session.
-Draw a landscape.
-Immerse yourself in deep sea waters.
-Look at swans and/or birds and feel their freedom.
-Look closely at the plants, at the water, at the wildlife. -Truly appreciate the majesty of nature, the miracle of life.


Last but not least, try to incorporate this art in your daily life.

Start by doing nothing while you are waiting in line, at the bank, in the metro, or for a plane, or while you are driving in your car. Wait, without reading, writing down your to-do list, talking on the phone.
Just be aware of your breath, body, and presence. Focus on people who surround you. Understand the expressions that show o  their faces, listen to their conversations, and simply be.

The main conclusion is that you will gain everything thanks to the art of doing nothing.