Close up on Seaweeds


Arame, Wakame, Kelp, Kombu, Hijiki, Dulse, Nori…Well it’s not Chinese what you’ve just read! These are the healthiest foods on the planet, we just call them Seaweed!

They have access to all the nutrients in the ocean and considered as true wonder foods and the most nutritionally dense plants.


Let’s see why!


1- Blood Purification:

Seaweeds are excellent at purifying our blood as well as regulating it. It has a form very similar to the plasma in our blood due to its chemical composition.


2- Boost of Calcium:

They contain more than 10 times the calcium in milk and 8 times the amounts present in beef, that’s one of the reasons why the seaweed supplements are given as part of the treatment of osteoarthritis.


3- Full of Antioxidants:

Seaweeds contain naturally occurring compounds that have anti-cancer properties. Research also suggests that seaweeds help regulate the two hormones (estrogen and estradiol) that are responsible for proper development and function of the female sexual organs, mainly by decreasing the risk for breast cancer.


4- Eliminate Toxins:

The environment is full of toxins, whether some of the foods that we eat or the pollution that surrounds us; however, seaweeds offer protection from the toxins, by converting them to salts that can be eliminated by the body.


5- Detoxifies:

Seaweeds are natural detoxifiers that help drawing out waste products from our system.


6- Weight loss booster:

Iodine is a mineral considered as the key for stimulating the thyroid gland; it’s in seaweed that we can find lots of natural concentration that helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Noting that, the minerals found in seaweeds, allow trapped wastes of fat to escape from the body. It acts to break the chemical bonds that seal the fat cells, avoiding cellulite build-up.


Anything to worry about? Yes, there is!


1- Two tablespoons of dulse, has 34 more potassium than banana, considered as a high dosage to cause heart palpitations among clients who have kidney problems.


2- When buying seaweed, choose certified brands where possible. If the water the seaweed comes from is contaminated, the seaweed will be as well. So you want to ensure that they have been grown in unpolluted waters that are pure, and free from toxic chemicals.


3- While the thyroid do not function properly without iodine, too much of it can cause lots of side effects.


Bottom Line: Eat in moderation, Choose wisely and enjoy the infinite benefits of these super foods!