Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory: The Sweetest Throwback Ever

Take a trip down memory lane with Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory, Dubai’s old-fashioned neighborhood candy store filled with mouth-watering candy sweets and homemade treats.

Priding itself on sourcing the most retro candies including old favorites such as Pop Rocks, Colorful Whirly Pops, Pixy Sticks, Sugar Daddy Pops, Big Hunk, Smarties and Nerds, Fuzziwig’s has fast become the ‘go to’ for hard-to-find, deliciously nostalgic delights.

Other Fuzzi ‘throwbacks’ include the range of irresistible homemade FuzziTreats such as fresh, homemade traditional fudge, caramel apples and hand-dipped chocolates.