QNET Celebrates Love with the Eternity Collection from Bernhard H. Mayer

Put a smile on her face this Valentine’s Day

Love requires no grand words, just small gestures from the heart. It is the season of love and nothing exudes beautiful romance more than a flawless piece of jewellery. Whether you’re looking for a dreamy gift for your very special someone or a close family member, QNET’s new Eternity Collection from Bernhard H. Mayer® has everything to help you express your feelings perfectly.

Celebrating the season of love, prominent Asian direct-selling company QNET has launched this elegant and luxurious collection featuring seven timeless and classic love pendants. The meticulously curated Eternity collection is a testimony to eternal love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show your partner and loved ones what they mean to you. Besides, women love jewellery and this collection offers different pendants for every occasion to make them feel loved throughout the year.

With love and endless devotion as the centre of this collection, the pendants are shaped into hearts, circles, and the infinity symbol. The designs artistically symbolise deep affection and huge emotions. These delicate pendants are intended to make the hearts of the lucky wearers beat a little bit faster in precious moments worth remembering for all eternity.

This exclusive and luxurious new collection includes:

Amore Twin Pendant
Two Hearts as One

The heart-within-a-heart from Bernhard H. Mayer® is crafted in yellow gold and envelopes the diamond-adorned smaller heart, reminding you that each life moment is always best cherished with a special someone.

18K yellow gold; 1.00 g; 0.03 ct diamonds, H/SI; with complimentary yellow gold plated chain

Milena Heart Pendant
Dearest Love

With its unique shape of an overflowing heart, the Milena Heart Pendant will definitely bring a smile to your face. The classic open-heart is crafted in yellow gold with fine diamonds.

18K yellow gold; 2.20 g; 0.10 ct diamonds, H/SI; with complimentary yellow gold plated chain


Khalida Eternity Pendant
Never Apart

Like its shape, this pendant resembles solid and unconditional love. Adorned with a lavish layer of fine diamonds, the Khalida Eternity Pendant is a timeless symbol of love and passion.

18K yellow gold; 3.50 g; 0.25 ct diamonds, H/SI; with 18K-yellow gold chain

Desiree White Gold Pendant
Wondrous Desire
Make heads turn and capture hearts with this elegant white gold pendant. Lined with sleek diamonds, the Desiree White Gold Pendant inspires the most wondrous desire from every soul you meet.

18K white gold; 1.30 g; 0.10 ct diamonds, H/SI; with complimentary rhodium plated chain
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