-dance the Macarena, Scream ECUADOR and sing Mambo No.5 at this 90s reboot concert-


Mission Control X is on a mission, to get us dancing all night long and party like its 1999; enters the first edition of Feel Good Festi 2017! A nostalgic concert bound to take us back in time; when dancing the Macarena was a staple of all house parties and Mambo No. 5 called out every girls’ name to the dance floor. Our favourite decade of house party all over again, this time it’s LIVE, with some of the biggest names of the era. Join the blast from the past at Nasimi Beach, Atlantis, The Palm on Friday the 13th January 2017. Don’t worry, slasher, Jason Voorhees is not invited instead this rewind concert features LIVE on stage for the first time in Dubai, Los Del Rio of the Macarena fame; British pop sensation Atomic Kitten, with hits including “The Tide is High” and “Whole Again”; Lou Bega of Mambo No. 5 single; Panjabi MC, the Desi Bangra King with super hits “Mundain do bach Ke” and “Jogi” last but not least DJ SASH will get us jumping to hit single ECUADOR.


“Feel Good Festi is about music and memories; the festival takes you back to the nineties and the early noughties bringing some of the most memorable performers from those decades. Here, we sing along because we know the lyrics, the beats and the dance moves. Everyone is welcomed to dress like the 90s, act like the 90s and definitely party like the 90s for a night of blast and feel good. We want the title of Best Nostalgic Concert in the region, if there is such an award, so come along dance the night” said, Tamara Hodge, Marketing Manager MENA, Mission Control X .


A varied mix of music styles and performers bound to get you dancing all night long; old skool is the new skool. A repertoire filled with flamenco, desi, pop and dance from the 90s and 00s billboard charts; reminiscing of days from another time.


Wanna meet the artists? Dress the part, dance the part and upload your video or photo, tag us on instagram or facebook @feelgoodfesti, enter the draw for a back stage or on stage pass.


Feel Good Festi 2017, Friday 13th January at Nasimi Beach, Atlantis The Palm. Doors open at 7pm with lots of retro and activities. Look out for “Dress to “arty photo booth and capture the moment. Tickets are at AED 295, and will be available soon from and; advance purchase is highly recommended as this is a guaranteed sell out. More details and updates check out


Friday the 13th, Don’t be scared to par