A colourful artist – Shefali Ranthe

Shefali Ranthe is a Dubai based International emerging artist. She is passionate about vivid colours and paints semi-abstract naïve compositions, characterised by an imaginary style. Her use of a cocktail of colours is the most important part of the expression as an exciting challenge between the canvas, the brush and herself.


Born in 1972 in Bangladesh and adopted to Denmark as an infant, she states that: “To me art is about creating happiness, surprise and thoughts; both in the creative process and when experiencing the results. Art makes me feel alive and I aim at giving the observer an experience of harmony and long lasting joy”.


Shefali Ranthe’s work is collected by both private and public collections around the world. We ask her more about her artistic journey.


Tell us about your latest art works?

My latest works are called “Joy of life”. It is based in finding the good and positive in life, as a contrast to my harsh childhood where I grew up with just a father. The loss of a mother or a female guide has made me eager to fill my children and the people around me with some positive experiences through my art.


So my art is primary about love and happiness and in most cases I have included animals in my work. – especially animals with wings (birds, butterflies etc.) are my favourites since they symbolize freedom. It gives good harmony and balance of life.


“To me art is about creating happiness, surprise and thoughts; both in the creative process and experiencing the results”


Your thoughts on Art Dubai and other art events coming up in the city?

When the Art Dubai fair is on, I go there every day to meet and mingle with the visitors and artists to discuss art, look at art and to make connections with interesting people. I just love to walk from one hall to the next to look at all the fantastic and talented works.


In general, a lot of international galleries recognizes the talent Art Dubai represents. But in addition it is a fair that is visited by people from abroad with a lot of money. I believe most artists dream to write participation at Art Dubai on their CV.


Regarding other upcoming art events, I am looking forward to my solo exhibition in January 2017 in Dubai, April 17 at the Dubai world Art Exhibition and May 17 in Cairo, Egypt.


How do you perceive the art scene in Dubai?

I have been welcomed very well here and find the art scene very vibrant and diverse which is natural, as so are the citizens here. It takes time to get to learn the art field here.


My experience is that there are many galleries in Dubai where as some of them might not know what art means in terms of having knowledge about techniques and quality, how to sell art and how to choose artists between established and beginner artists.


I have experienced galleries that have been more interested in closing a deal with me by renting out their gallery than focus on my art and style and how they could represent me as an artist. At the time of being an upcoming artist you just want to enter the art scene without have to paying a big fee to the gallery.


What is your signature style and mediums you like best to work on?

As mentioned, I try to illustrate the good and positive in life. My signature style is probably my abstract childish, innocent and spontaneous compositions, characterized by a unique style based upon freely using imagination. I am inspired by children’s impulsive and unconventional way of drawing, not being defined by limits and expectations of shapes and figures. The paintings generate positive energy and leaves the observer in a good mood, stimulating inspiration and curiosity.


Has Dubai influenced your work?

I guess I can’t ignore to be inspired by Dubai. All the beautiful buildings and lifestyle are fascinating. In 2008 I arrived to Dubai full of energy and curiosity about living in an adventurous area. But my first impression of Dubai was the meeting with the diverse people full of positive and I found Dubai a nice place to live. It was in many ways unreal like a fairy tale. There was room for everyone no matter where you came from. Everybody is accepted.


Where can we see your artwork – do you have an online presence?

I have a website (, an Instagram profile (shefali.ranthe) and a FB page (Shefali Ranthe the artist). My studio in JLT is always open for visitors.My biggest wish is to find a gallery in Dubai to represent my unique works and maybe even an agent. It will help me to concentrate 100% on researching, painting and develop my skills. I want to spread my work over as many places as possible, both internationally and locally and be accepted as a recognized artist in Dubai and internationally.


I have already exhibited in New York, Amsterdam, Miami, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence and of cause many places in Dubai. I worked hard for many years to become or recognized in the art inner circle which I greatly appreciate. This year I was selected in the Dubai International Art Symposium received a talent award from His Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Juma Al Maktoum.