Shefali Ranthe in Colors!

What is painting to you in one word?
Everything, my life, my love, my all


What painting styles and techniques do you adopt and how does it reflect you?
I am passionate about vivid bright colors to associate it with devotion, energy and passion. I am fascinated by the 50s art group CoBrA and Avant Garde movement on one hand and by children’s impulsive and unconventional way of drawing; not being defined by outer definitions and expectations of shapes and figures.


Does the artist inside you exist in your daily life?
I always try to express all the good in life and share them with my family, to make the small thing funny and lively, and to search for the good life that shows my expression in my famous collection “Joy of Life” in which I expresses the fundamental of joy, happiness, and love within the family. Due to a traumatic childhood after losing my mother, I was looking for the happy family life with full of harmony that means everything to me.


If you were to choose one painting that reflects you the most, which one would it be and why?
It could be, Paul Klee, Lyle Carbajal, Karel Appel, Bjørn Bjørnholt, and Finn Sørensen because we have the similar lives. The Paintings makes human-and animal symbols meet magically pictured in a timeless, unspoiled, and spontaneous universe, where animals are valued as humans. Even the color mix could be the same.


How do you manage between being a mom, a wife, and an artist?
I always try to keep my work separate from being a mother, but of course it can be difficult to balance the time between my work and my family when I have a project such as an exhibition. That’s why I ensure that I get at least a day every week such as Friday to do something altogether. I believe that with love and understanding everything becomes easy.


Where do you derive your inspiration?
While I was studying my BA, I have worked with children and young people for many years; how I can use the art of competence and development to improve their creative skills. It is always interesting to see how they are observing the world and life around them. I am inspired by children’s impulsive and unconventional way of drawing; not being defined by limits and expectations of shapes and figures.


You said “To me art is about creating happiness, surprise and thoughts, both in creating process and experiencing the results. Art makes me feel alive and I seek to share with the viewer an experience of harmony and long lasting joy”. How does this reflect your daily life?
I always look for my inner child. I will never be too old to not play. I always try to change things from negative to positive such as, when I see something or experience a thing I try to play like it is in a theater and make it come alive.


My message is probably that I want viewers to find and not forget their inner child.
In addition, when my children come home from the school with a tiresome experience, I try to look positive way on it and tell them if they were animals how would they behave? And then we all start laughing and become happy again.


Any message to women entrepreneurs?
Faith in itself is probably the most important, although it is also the most difficult if you do not have confidence in self. Do not forget that dreams come true. And of course good luck and help of some influential network is always important and helpful for success.