Choose the right queue.

When I graduated, I applied for so many jobs and was very proud to receive a request for an interview with a very prestigious Hotel and Spa in the north of Italy. I took a train up to Siena and then a taxi to the property in the countryside. I was so excited and anxious at the same time. When I arrived at the beautiful property, I was surprised to see only a few candidates and felt so privileged to be one of the few selected. I was the last one to be interviewed. The interview was a disaster and very disappointing, because the HR Director told me that with my total lack of experience I could have only joined the selection queue of the many new graduates looking for a job.


I was so upset that I travelled back home at the same day. I told my parents that I would give myself 2 months to find a job in the new graduate queue, and if it was unsuccessful l will move to the UK full time. When I left Italy I was 21, and I had 300 euro with only a basic knowledge of English. It was actually the best decision I made after graduating. I learned and achieved so much while I was in Italy. It all started by choosing to stand in a queue of passengers waiting at the check in the airport, instead of being just one face in a queue of new graduates looking for a job. When I look back now I know I chose the right queue.


By Assia Riccio, Founder of Evolvin’ Women


Assia Riccio is the Founder of Evolvin’ Women, a unique and innovative online network designed for women in hospitality or aspiring to start a career in the industry with a wish to make a difference.


Assia is the former Learning and Development Manager at Jumeirah Restaurant Group (JRG) in Dubai, a division with a portfolio of 30 plus restaurants where she developed the L&D strategy for over 1000 employees.


Assia is a member of the advisory board committee for the Ecole Hôtelière Helvétique in Dubai as well as a member of the Dubai Women’s Business Council and Executive Women.


She works with several international non-profit organizations where she offers consultancy on women’s leadership and diversity in organization.