The Transformation of Llewelyn Zaxxr at Big Boys Toys

In 2015, at the 6th edition of Big Boys Toys Exhibition, the Head of Zaxxr Designs Mr. Llewelyn Zaxxr recalls his lifechanging decision of embracing Islam. He discovered the Khaleeji culture which led him to make this transformation in his life and beliefs.


Mr. Zaxxr recalls the beginning of his journey at the exhibition where he met the Al Shamsi brothers who were in awe of his collection and work. While discussing his pieces and participation at Big Boys Toys, Mr. Zaxxr was introduced to the UAE and its culture. Impressed by their grace, value system and love for the UAE he requested Ahmad to teach him to pray.


Being around the Muslim community, Zaxxr felt a level of conviction and truth and said that, “it overwhelmed me and at that moment I knew that Allah wanted me to join his people of ‘Emaan’.”


The change in him inspired his 2016 collection which will be on display at Big Boys Toys 2016. Mr. Zaxxr said, “Art is a reflection of who a person is. My new collection is a reflection of the transformative power of prayer and that theme runs through the entire collection. I have created a series of Emirati themed prayer rugs of the highest quality using shell casings and gun parts.”


He intends to show the transformation of violence and hatred through the showcase of objects reflecting that into love and peace. Since he converted to Islam in the UAE, he would like to show the world that the faithfulness of the people is important and not the tall buildings as perceived by many.


“I hope to use my art to communicate with the people of the UAE. I want my work to translate my story with the hope that it will be an inspiration to others,” explained Mr. Zaxxr.


Zaxxr aims to connect with local artists to further explore the Emirati culture and contribute by establishing the UAE belief system and culture on a global platform.