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Jumeira Rotana and Villa Rotana Talked about Breast Cancer

To commemorate the Breast Cancer awareness month, Jumeira Rotana and Villa Rotana celebrated Pink Day in collaboration with Belhoul European Hospital and Belhoul Speciality Hospital.


Statistics show that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Until now there is no treatment guaranteeing of all cure, however hope rests in early diagnosis, prevention and innovation.


Mr. Ulrich Hoffmeister, General Manager of Jumeira Rotana said, “It is essential for us to take part in such an initiative, not only to support the global awareness but to educate our colleagues on the importance of being aware about it. As we said, prevention is better than cure and early detection of breast cancer can result in a 98% survival rate.”


Mr. Hossam Mansour, General Manager, Villa Rotana said, “We at Villa Rotana have been active in several CSR activities since its inception, we are grateful in taking part in this awareness to give hope and fight against breast cancer. It is alarming since 85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have it in their family history.”


Dr. Munima Habib, an Obstetrics & Gynaecology specialist said, “October is the international Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the need for early diagnosis play a key role in improving survival rates. We at the Belhoul European Hospital and Belhoul Speciality Hospital conduct such initiatives in partnership with other companies like Rotana to educate their employees about the disease and how to prevent them at an early stage.”


“We seek to dispel myths and stigmas associated with the detection and treatment of cancer and especially to reach out to men who are statistically slower than women in coming forward with medical concerns. October is a very significant month for breast cancer initiatives globally and we are truly grateful to Jumeira Rotana and Villa Rotana for being one of our partners in spreading the hope and fight against breast cancer,” she added.


One of the highlights of the event was the participation of Ms. Umaima Tinwala, a cancer survivor. She shared her inspiring story or better said “the lesson she learned” throughout her journey fighting cancer.


The event was concluded with the distribution of complimentary mammogram test vouchers to female colleagues of Jumeira Rotana and Villa Rotana.


Jumeira Rotana and Villa Rotana have taken part in important worldwide awareness programmes through various activities every year, like the pink walkathon, walk for diabetes, other medical campaigns with the aim to promote health and well-being of its colleagues.